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  1.As a chairman for nearly ten years, Professor Smith has never _______ to anything dishonest.






  3.The ---_______ between Chinese and Japanese is not so obvious so that it is not easy to distinguish between people from the two countries.





  4.When he caught a _______ of his girl-friend in the rain, Jack asked the taxi driver to stop to pick her up.





  5.He’ll always be _______ to you for what you’ve done.





  6.In Nearly any country, there always exists a _______ gap between the old and the young.





  7.Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell me what number I should dial to get the _______.





  8.Without the _______ materials imported from abroad, Japan can hardly produce anything.





  9.We may be able to _______ you in some way if you can not finish your work on time.





  10.She always dreamed of an _______ job even when she was ten years old.

  A. ideal





  1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.C

  6.A 7.D 8.D 9.C 10.A


  Nowadays, adv. 现今,当今,时下

  Consequently, adv. 结果是

  As a result, adv. 因此...

  As for me, / In my opinion, / As far as I am concerned, / From my point of view, 在我看来

  Firstly, Secondly, Moreover / Furthermore, Finally,


  On one hand, On the other hand,

  一方面 。另一方面 。

  As a saying / proverb goes, 正如名人名言 / 正如谚语说:.

  According to, 根据

  In conclusion, 总而言之

  For instance / example, 举例


  popular adj. 流行的,受欢迎的

  excessive adj. 过多的,极度的.

  renowned adj. 著名的 = well-known=famous

  impressive adj. 令人印象深刻的

  harmful adj. 有害的

  beneficial adj. 有益的

  positive adj. 积极的

  negative adj. 消极的

  convenient adj. 方便的

  convenient and efficient 既方便又高效


  1. in order to


  He worked very hard in order to realize his dream。

  2. in order that


  She worked hard in order that everything would be ready by 6 oclock.

  3. sothat


  They were all so tired that they could do nothing but yawn.

  4. suchthat


  It was such a cold day that there was nobody on the street.

  5. would rather dothan do


  He would rather listen to others than talk himself.

  6. prefer doing to doing


  He prefers making speeches after careful preparation.

  7. prefer to dorather than do


  Compared with women, men always prefer to sleep at home rather than spend so much time shopping.

  8. not onlybut also


  In just three years, she had not only finished all the lessons, but also received her doctors degree.

  9. eitheror


  You could either buy an MP3 or go to Yunnan for a visit if you pass the exam.

  10. Neithernor


  He is a boring man. He likes neither entertainment nor reading.


  bureau n. 局,办事处

  marveous a. 奇迹般的,惊人的

  massive a. 大的,大量的,大块的

  mature a. 成熟的

  maximum a. 最高的,最大的

  minimum a. 最低的,最小的

  nonsense n. 胡说,冒失的行动

  nuclear a. 核子的,核能的

  nucleus n. 核

  retail n./v./ad. 零售

  retain vt. 保留,保持

  restrict vt. 限制,约束

  sponsor n. 发起者,主办者 vt. 发起,主办,资助

  spur n./vt. 刺激,激励

  triumph n. 胜利,成功

  tuition n. 学费

  twist vt. 使缠绕;转动;扭歪

  undergraduate n. 大学肄业生

  universal a. 普遍的,通用的.;宇宙的

  universe n. 宇宙

  via prep. 经由,经过,通过

  vibrate v. 振动,摇摆

  virus n. 病毒

  voluntary a. 自愿的

  volunteer n. 志愿者 v. 自愿(做)

  vote v. 选举 n. 选票

  wagon n. 四轮马车,铁路货车

  appoint vt. 任命,委派

  approach v. 靠近,接近 n. 途径,方式

  appropriate a. 适当的

  bunch n. 群,伙;束,串

  bundle n. 捆,包,束 vt. 收集,归拢

  ceremony n. 典礼,仪式

  chaos n. 混乱,紊乱

  discount n. (价格)折扣

  display n./vt. 陈列,展览

  equivalent a. 相等的 a. 相等物

  erect a. 竖直的 v. 建造,竖立

  fax n./vt. 传真

  ferfile a. 肥沃的;多产的

  fertilizer n. 肥料

  grateful a. 感激的

  gratitude n. 感激


  1. alter v. 改变,改动,变更

  例句:There is something wrong with my layout, I have to alter it.



  alter常用来表示轻微的、细节的改变,是自身细节上或外表的变化,而没有变成(change into)另一事物。




  2. burst vi. n. 突然发生,爆裂


  burst into+n. / burst out+doing

  例句:Because of the sad news, she burst into tears. /she burst out crying.


  3. dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理(of)


  例句:Mum ordered me to dispose of these unfashionable clothes.


  4. blast n. 爆炸;气流 vi. 炸,炸掉


  例句:Fortunately, no people injured in the blast.


  5. consume v. 消耗,耗尽


  例句:To prepare for this exam, he consumed a great deal of time and energy.


  6. split v. 劈开;割裂;分裂 a.裂开的

  例句:The river splits this city into two parts.


  7. spit v. 吐(唾液等);唾弃


  例句:It is very rude to spit in public.


  8. spill v. 溢出,溅出,倒出


  例句:The glass was so full that the juice spilt.


  9. slip v. 滑动,滑落;忽略


  例句:He was too tired to notice that the quilt was slipping.


  10. slide v. 滑动,滑落 n. 滑动;滑面;幻灯片


  例句:She slid out when her mother was answering a phone call.



  1、网络世界cyber world

  2、网络文化cyber culture

  3、网络犯罪cyber crime

  4、网上购物 online shopping

  5、高产优质 high yield and high quality

  6、高科技园 high-tech park

  7、工业园区 industrial park

  8、火炬计划 Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology)

  9、信息港info port

  10、信息革命 information revolution


  12、人工智能 artificial intelligence (AI)

  13、生物技术 bio-technology

  14、克隆 cloning

  15、基因工程 genetic engineering

  16、转基因食品 genetically modified food (GM food)

  17、试管婴儿 test-tube baby

  18、基因突变 genetic mutation


  20、三维电影 three-dimensional movie

  21、光谷 optical valley

  22、虚拟银行virtual bank

  23、信息化 informationization

  24、信息高速公路 information superhighway

  25、新兴学科 new branch of science; emerging discipline

  26、纳米 nanometer

  27、个人数字助理 personal digital assistant (PDA)

  28、生态农业 environment-friendly agriculture

  29、技术密集产品 technology-intensive product

  30、数码科技 digital technology

  31、同步卫星 geostationary satellite

  32、神舟五号载人飞船 manned spacecraft Shenzhou V

  33、风云二号气象卫星 Fengyun II meteorological satellite

  34、登月舱 lunar module

  35、多任务小卫星 small multi-mission satellite (SMMS)

  36、多媒体短信服务 Multimedia Messaging Service ( MMS)

  37、电子商务 e-business; e-commerce


  39、办公自动化 Office Automation (OA)

  40、信息高地 information highland

  41、信息检索 information retrieval

  42、电话会议 teleconference

  43、无土栽培 soilless cultivation

  44、超级杂交水稻super-hybrid rice

  45、科技发展 scientific and technological advancement

  46、重点项目key project

  47、国家重点工程 national key projects


  lost one’s temper 发脾气

  straightforwardness 坦白

  out of line 过分

  come up with 想出(计划,答复等);提出

  idle around all day 整天闲逛

  have a long face 生气或情绪低落

  put one’s finger on sth. 准确地找出或指出(某事的原因)

  cosmetic surgery 整容

  make sb. smile 使某人开心

  get upset easily over little things 容易在小事上生气

  a strange personality 个性古怪

  emotional problems 情绪问题

  had a great time 过得很愉快

  in a bad mood 情绪糟糕

  a very bad temper 脾气很不好

  talkative 健谈的,爱说话的

  half a dozen of words 没说几句话

  hit the ceiling 勃然大怒

  child abuse虐待儿童

  made a fuss over this issue 把某件事搞得特别糟

  share one’s feeling 有同感

  stage fright 怯场六级阅读主题词汇

  obesity epidemic 肥胖流行

  precipitate 使……沉淀,促成

  metabolic rate 代谢速率

  ambient temperatures 周围的温度

  pair off 成双结对

  athletic footwear 运动鞋

  Forbes magazine 福布斯杂志

  track meet 田径运动会

  middle-distance runner 中长跑运动员

  track team 田径队

  track coach 田径教练

  running shoe 跑步鞋

  in an attempt to 力图,试图

  shock-absorbent 吸震的

  shipment 装载的货物

  predecessor 前辈,前身

  recruit 招募

  hallways 门厅,走廊

  differentiation 区别,分化

  job descriptions 职位描述

  rigid reporting systems严格的报告系统

  shared values 共同的价值观

  sustainable development 可持续发展

  perspectives 观点阐释

  population density 人口密度

  minimal effect极小的影响

  biodiversity 生物多样性

  localised 地方化的,局限的

  nutrient 营养物

  industrial revolution 工业革命

  yields 农田

  radical thinking 彻底的'思考

  traditional practices 传统的做法

  zero impact 完全没有影响

  a more dynamic interpretation 一个更灵活的解释

  pros and cons 赞成和反对的理由

  environmental cost 环境成本

  water purity 水纯度

  carbon footprint 碳印记

  Green Peace 绿色和平组织

  radioactive waste 放射性废弃物/废料

  drum(s) (装液体的)大桶

  nuisance 令人讨厌的人或事

  keep (it) up 使照顾好并保持良好状态


  181. adult n. 成年人

  182. advertise v. 为...做广告

  183. advertisement n. 广告

  184. agency n. 代理商,经销商

  185. focus v. (使)聚集 n. 焦点,中心,聚焦

  186. forbid vt. 不许,禁止

  187. debate n. /v. 辩论,争论

  188. debt n. 欠债

  189. decade n. 十年

  190. enclose vt. 围住;把...装入信封

  191. encounter vt. /n. 遭遇,遭到

  192. globe n. 地球,世界;地球仪

  193. global a. 全球的;总的

  194. scan vt. 细看;扫描;浏览

  195. scandal n. 丑事,丑闻

  196. significance n. 意义;重要性

  197. subsequent a. 随后的,后来的

  198. virtue n. 美德,优点

  199. virtual a. 实际上的,事实上的

  200. orient vt. 使适应,(to, toward)使朝向 n. 东方

  201. portion n. 一部分

  202. target n. 目标,靶子 vt. 瞄准

  203. portable a. 手提式的

  204. decline v. 拒绝,谢绝;下降

  205. illusion n. 错觉

  206. likelihood n. 可能,可能性

  207. stripe n. 条纹

  208. emphasize vt. 强调,着重

  209. emotion n. 情感,感情

  210. emotional a. 感情的,情绪(上)的

  211. awful a. 极坏的,威严的,可怕的

  212. awkward a. 笨拙的,棘手的

  213. clue n. 线索,提示

  214. collision n. 碰撞,冲突

  215. device n. 装置,设备

  216. devise vt. 发明,策划,想出

  217. inevitable a. 不可避免的

  218. naval a. 海军的

  219. navigation n. 航行

  220. necessity n. 必需品;必要性

  221. previous a. 先,前,以前的

  222. provision n. [pl.] 给养,口粮;准备,设备,装置

  223. pursue vt. 追逐;追求;从事,进行

  224. stale a. 不新鲜的,陈腐的

  225. substitute n. 代用品 vt. 代替

  226. deserve vt. 应受,应得,值得

  227. discrimination n. 歧视;辨别力

  228. professional a. 职业的,专门的

  229. secure a. 安全的,可靠的

  230. security n. 安全,保障

  231. scratch v. /n. 抓,搔,扒

  232. talent n. 才能,天资;人才

  233. insurance n. 保险,保险费

  234. insure vt. 给...保险,保证,确保

  235. nevertheless ad. 仍然,然而,不过

  236. neutral a. 中立的,中性的

  237. spot n. 地点;斑点 vt. 认出,发现;玷污

  238. spray v. 喷,(使)溅散

  239. medium a. 中等的,适中的 n. 媒介物,新闻媒介

  240. media n. 新闻传媒

  under control 处于控制之下

  at all costs 不惜任何代价,无论如何

  out of danger 脱离危险

  in danger 在危险中,垂危

  in contrast with/to 与…对比起来,与…形成对比

  out of control 失去控制

  out of date 过时的,不用的'

  up to date 现代化的,切合目前情况的

  in demand 非常需要的,受欢迎的

  in consequence of 由于…的缘故,因为

  on the contrary 正相反

  at the cost of以…为代价

  in the course of 在…过程中,在…期间

  of course 当然,自然

  in debt 欠债,负债

  in detail 详细地

  in difficulties 处境困难

  in the distance 在远处

  off duty 下了班(的),不在值班(的)

  on duty 在上班(的),在值班(的)

  on earth 究竟,到底

  at all events 无论如何,不管怎样

  in any event 无论如何,不管怎样

  in the event of 万一,倘若

  for example 例如

  in the face of 在…面前;不顾

  hand in 交上,递交

  hand on 把…传下去

  go down 下降,减少;(船)沉没,(日)落;(with)生…病;(well 或badly)(不)受欢迎,(不)被接受

  go for 袭击;适用于;选择,想要获得;喜爱

  go into 进入,参加;开始从事;研究,调查

  go off 爆炸,开火,突然响起;(电等)中断,停止;不再喜欢

  go out 外出(尤指参加社会活动);过时;(潮)退,(灯)熄,终止;送出,公布,播出

  go ahead 开始;进行

  go by 遵守,遵循,依据;(时间)过去

  hang about/around 闲荡,闲呆着

  hang on 坚持,抓紧,不放;等待片刻,(打电话时)不挂段;有赖于;取决于

  hang up 挂断(电话);悬挂,挂起

  go over 仔细检查,察看;复习,重做

  go round/around 足够分配;(with)常…与交往;流传;四处走动,到处活动

  go through 经历,遭受;详细检查,查找,详细讨论;获得通过,被批准;(with)将…干到底

  go under 沉没;失败;破产

  go up 上升,上涨,增长;正在建设中;烧毁,炸毁

  go with 跟…相配;与…相伴;附属于

  go without 没有

  hand out 奋发,散发

  hand over 交出,移交

  give in 交上,呈上;投降,屈服,认输

  give off 发出(光、声音等),散发出(气味)

  give out 分发;用完;消耗尽;发出(光、声音)

  give up 停止,放弃;(oneself)自首

  go after 追求,追赶

  come up 走上前来;发生,出现

  count on/upon 依靠,指望

  cover up 掩饰,掩盖;盖住,裹住

  cross off/out 划掉,勾销

  cut across 抄近路穿过,对直通过

  cut back 削减,缩减;急忙返回

  cut down 削减,减少;杀死,砍倒

  cut in 超车抢档;插嘴,打断

  cut off 切断,阻碍;使分离,使隔绝

  cut out 删去,切去;戒除,停止服用

  count up 共计,算出…的总数

  clear up 清理;澄清,解决;(天)放晴

  come off 脱落,分开;结果,表现

  come on [表示鼓励、催促等]快,走吧;开始,发生;进步,进展

  come out 发表,出版;出现,显露;结果是

  die down 逐渐消失,变弱

  die out 逐渐消失,灭绝

  come round (around)顺便来访;苏醒,复原

  come through 经历…仍活着,安然度过

  come to 苏醒;涉及,谈到;总数为,结果是

  cut short 中断,打断

  deal with 处理,对付;论述,涉及

  deep down 实际上,在心底

  do without 没有…也行,用不着,将就

  draw in (火车,汽车)到站;(天)渐黑,(白昼)渐短

  draw up 起草,拟订;(使)停住

  bring out 使显出;激起,引起;出版,推出

  bring to 使恢复知觉

  bring up 教养,养育;提出

  build up 逐渐积聚,集结;逐步建立;增进,增强

  burn out 烧光,烧毁…的内部;熄灭

  burn up 烧掉,烧毁;烧起来,旺起来;(使)发怒

  call for 叫(某人)来;要求,需要

  call off 取消

  break up 终止,结束;打碎,粉碎;散开,驱散

  bring about 导致,引起

  bring down 使落下,****;降低,减少

  bring forth 产生,提出

  bring forward 提出,提议;提前

  call on/upon 访问,拜访;号召,要求

  call up 召集;使人想起;打电话(给)

  care for 照顾,照料;喜欢

  carry off 夺走,拿走

  carry on 继续,进行

  carry out 实行,执行;实现,完成

  catch at 试图抓住,拼命抓

  catch on 理解,懂得;流行起来

  check in (在旅馆、机场等)登记,报到

  check out 结帐后离开,办妥手续离去

  check up (on) 检查,核实

  cheer up (使)高兴起来,(使)振作起来

  clear away 把…清除掉,收拾

  side by side 肩并肩地,一起

  heart and soul 全心全意

  step by step 逐步地

  no wonder 难怪,并不奇怪

  word for word 逐字地

  decline with thanks 婉言谢绝

  account for 说明…的原因,是…的原因

  allow for 考虑到,估计,为…留出余地

  appeal to 诉诸,诉请裁决(或证实等)

  rest room 厕所,盥洗室

  primary school 小学

  ahead of time 提前

  all the time 一直,始终

  once upon a time 从前

  once in a while 偶尔

  arrive at 达成

  ask after 探问,问起

  attach to 附属于,隶属于;使一连,使喜爱

  be begin with 首先,第一

  break down 损坏;(将抗等)垮掉,崩溃

  break in 非法闯入,强行进入

  break off 中断,突然停止

  break out 逃脱,逃走;突然出现,爆发

  break trough 突破,冲破;取得突破性成就


  杂费 miscellaneous (incidental) expenses

  砸牌子 ruin reputation

  再贷款 re-lending; subloan

  在孵(孵化器)企业 incubated enterprises (incubator)

  灾后重建 post-disaster reconstruction

  在建工程 project under construction

  在建项目后续资金 additional funding for projects under construction

  再就业服务中心 re-employment service center

  再就业工程 re-employment project / program

  宰客 swindle money out of customers

  在联合国的框架内 within the framework of the United Nations

  灾民 flood victims; flood-stricken people

  在全国范围内实行群防群控 mobilize the general public throughout the country to control the outbreak

  宰人 rip somebody off

  载人飞船 manned spacecraft

  载人卫星 manned satellite

  再生环保纸 recycled paper

  再生纸 recycled paper

  在途资金 fund in float

  在线(计算机) on-line

  在线网上书店 online bookstore

  载誉 come with the honor a person has won

  在职博士生 on-job doctorate

  在职研究生 on-job postgraduates

  在字面上兜圈子 festoons of words

  载人航天工程 the manned space flight project

  暂住证 temporary residence permit (card)

  脏弹 dirty bomb

  赃款赃物 proceeds of crime

  藏羚羊 Tibetan antelope

  脏乱差 dirty, disorderly and bad

  藏学 Tibetology

  藏学家 Tibetologist

  暂行办法 interim measure

  暂行规定 interim provisions

  造福子孙 bring benefits to our posterity

  造假帐 falsified accounts

  早恋 puppy love

  造林运动 afforestation drive (campaign)

  糟粕 dross

  噪声治理 noise abatement

  早市 morning session

  造型艺术 formative arts; plastic arts

  早发现,早报告,早隔离,早治疗 early detection, prompt reporting, swift isolation and early treatment

  责权利三结合 combination of responsibility, power and interest

  责任编辑 editor in charge

  责任田 farmland covered by contract

  责任制 responsibility system

  责任追究制度 accountability system


  总需求aggregate demand

  总供给aggregate supply

  企业文化corporate/entrepreneurial culture

  企业形象corporate image (Cl); enterprise image

  跨国公司cross-national corporation

  创业精神enterprising spirit; pioneering spirit

  外资企业foreign-funded enterprise


  假日经济holiday economy

  人力资本human capital

  航空和航天工业aerospace industry

  飞机制造工业aircraft industry

  电子工业electronic industry

  汽车制造工业car industry

  娱乐业entertainment industry

  信息产业information industry

  知识密集型产业knowledge-intensive industry

  国有大中型企业large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises

  轻工业light industry

  制造业manufacturing industry

  垄断行业monopoly industries

  市场多元化market diversification

  市场经济market economy

  市场监管market supervision

  购买力purchasing power

  熊市bear market

  牛市bull market


  房地产real estate


  业主home owner

  个人购房贷款individual housing loan

  经济全球化economic globalization

  经济特区special economic zones (SEZ)

  经济增长economic growth

  泡沫经济bubble economy

  关税tariff纳税人tax payer

  宏观经济macro economy

  货币投放量the size of money supply

  流动性过剩excess liquidity

  经济过热overheated economy

  小康水平a well-off standard


  【例】accelerate the rate of economic growth 加速经济增长

  【派】acceleration n。 加速accelerating a。加速的 boost vt。提高,推动,使增长n。 推动,增长

  【例】boost the economy推动经济增长

  【派】booster n。支持者,推动器 mushroom vi。 迅速成长n。蘑菇

  【例】sth。 Mushroom …快速成长/增加 flourish vi。 繁荣,茂盛; vt挥动

  【例】the nation’s economy will flourish。 国家经济将繁荣发展。

  thrive vi。 兴旺,繁荣

  【例】The company managed to thrive after a recession 经济衰退后该公司设法兴旺起来。 soar vi。 猛增,高飞;(情绪)高涨

  【例】Oil prices have soared in recent weeks。 石油价格最近几周飚升。 impose vt。把…强加于; 征税

  【考】impose on/upon把…强加于

  【例】to impose local tax征收地方税

  【派】imposing a。壮观的,令人难忘的

  restore vt。恢复,修复;归还,交还

  【例】 restore the economy to full strength 完全恢复经济发展

  【派】restoration n。修复 revive v。 使复苏vi。恢复

  【例】The economy of these areas is beginning to revive。 这些地方的经济开始复苏。

  squeeze vt。 挤,压榨;n。拮据,紧缺;握手

  【例】financial squeeze财政困难 exceed vt。超过,越出

  【例】The benefits exceed $10 million。 利润超过1千万美元。

  【派】exceeding a。超过的;exceedingly ad。非常 allocate vt。 分配, 把…拨给

  【例】allocate money for the project给项目拨款

  【派】allocation n。配给,分配 distribute vt分发,分配;散布

  【例】Milk has been distributed to the local shops。 牛奶已经分发到当地商店。

  【派】distribution n。分发;distributed a。分布的

  distributor n。发行人

  slash vt。 砍;大量削减;n。砍,斜线号

  【考】slashed red tape革除繁文缛节

  【例】slash fares by about 30% 削减票价30% negotiate vt。洽谈;顺利通过vi协商

  【例】to negotiate the cooperation items谈判公司项目

  【派】negotiation n。谈判negotiable a。可协商的' substantial a。大量的,结实的;实质的;

  【例】substantial investment大笔投资

  bankrupt a。破产的,彻底缺乏的,v。使破产n。破产者

  【例】the bankrupt oil company破产的石油公司

  【派】bankruptcy n。破产

  economy n。 经济,经济情况;省俭,充分利用

  【例】the market economy市场经济

  【派】economize v。节俭economic a。经经济学的 prosperity n。繁荣,兴旺

  【例】economic prosperity经济繁荣

  【例】prosperous a。 繁荣的

  constraint n。 约束;限制

  【例】economic and cultural constraint经济文化制约 hardship n。 艰难,困苦

  【例】economic hardships经济困难 recession n。 衰退(期)

  【例】economic recession经济衰退

  budget n。 预算vi。 做安排vt。规划a。收费公路

  【例】annual budget每年的预算 corporation n。 公司

  【例】multinational corporation跨国公司 entrepreneur n。 企业家

  【例】a young property entrepreneur年轻的地产企业家 commission n。 委员会;佣金,回扣;

  【例】The salesman takes a 5% commission on the sales he makes。 推销员得到他销售额5%的佣金。

  【派】commissioner n。委员 installment n。 分期付款;(分期连载)部分

  【例】the installment plans分期付款计划

  warranty n。 担保书,证书,保单

  【例】The w

  arranty expires tomorrow。 担保书明天到期。 venture n。 风险投资,(商业)风险项目;vi冒险

  【例】a joint venture合资企业

  【派】venturesome a。好冒险的


  ban v.禁止

  In most countries the sale of liquor to children is banned.大多数国家都禁止卖酒给小孩子们。


  announce a 30-day ban on hunting宣布30天的禁猎令

  【辨析】ban,forbid 和 prohibit三个词都表示“禁止”,其中ban语气最重,指权威机关正式禁止。 forbid是普通用词,指个人行为。prohibit是正式用词,指用法律或法令来禁止。

  bare a.无遮盖的;空的;仅仅的

  a bare hillside 光秃秃的(无树木的)山坡

  a room bare of furniture 几乎没有家具的房间

  the bare necessities of life 最起码的生活必需品


  bare one’s head 脱去帽子

  bare one’s heart 表露真情

  【全真考题】Although they plant trees in this area every year,the tops of some hills are still .


  A)bare B)vacant C)blank D)hollow


  barely ad.仅仅,只不过,几乎不

  We barely had time to catch the train.我们仅有勉强赶上火车的时间。

  【用法】1.barely 用在句首时引起句子倒装。 2.barely 含有否定意义,因此用在反意疑问句中时,句尾的疑问短句要用肯定形式。3.barely...when 结构表示“刚……就……”,barely 所在的部分要倒装。 4.barely 不与 ever,any 和 at all 连用。

  【辨析】barely,hardly,rarely 和 scarcely四个词意义相近,都表否定概念,但也有一些差别。

  rarely 意为“难得,不常”(not often)。

  Rarely have I seen him smile.

  hardly 往往强调能力上有困难,意为“简直不,很难”。

  He can hardly jump over the fence.

  scarcely 往往强调不足,常同 enough,sufficient,any 等表示程度的`词连用,意为“不太,几乎,简直没有”。

  He has scarcely any money left.

  barely 与 hardly 和 scarcely 意思相近,意为“几乎,勉强,仅能做到”。但如果后面跟有 ever,any,at all 等词,只能用 hardly 或 scarcely,不能用 barely。

  benefit n.益处;优越性;保险金,救济金

  I’ve had the benefit of a good education.我得益于良好的教育。/the benefits of science科学的优良条件/ unemployment benefits失业保险


  He hasn’t benefited from the experience.他并没有从他的经验中受益。


  This policy benefits the whole city.这个政策使整个城市受益。

  【用法】benefit 作不及物动词时,其后常接介词 from。

  bore vt.使……感到厌烦

  All his old stories bore me.他所有的老生常谈使我厌烦。


  Don’t be such a bore.别这么讨厌。

  【用法】bore的两种分词形式boring 和 bored:boring 表示主动,指某事物令人厌烦;bored表示被动,指被某事物弄得厌烦。

  He was bored with his job./It’s a boring film.

  类似的词还有interesting与interested;exciting与 excited等。


  (1) 改变时态

  The bell is ringing now. (一般)

  There goes the bell! (高级)

  (2) 改变语态

  People suggest that the conference be put off. (一般)

  It is suggested that the conference be put off. (高级)

  (3) 使用不定式

  He is so kind that he can help me. (一般)

  He is so kind as to help me. (高级)

  (4) 使用过去分词

  She walked out of the lab and many students followed her. (一般)

  Followed by many students, she walked out of the lab. (高级)

  (5) 使用v-ing 形式

  When he arrives, please give me an e-mail. (一般)

  On his arriving, please give me an e-mail. (高级)

  (6) 使用名词性从句

  I happened to have met him. (一般)

  It happened that I had met him. (高级)

  (7) 使用定语从句

  The girl is spoken highly of. Her composition was well written. (一般)

  The girl whose composition was well written is spoken highly of. (高级)

  (8) 使用状语从句

  I won’t believe what he says. (一般)

  No matter what he says, I won’t believe. (高级)

  (9) 使用虚拟语气

  The ship didn’t sink with all on board because there were the efforts of the captain. (一般)

  But for the efforts of the captain, the ship would have sunk with all on board. (高级)

  (10) 使用强调句型

  Regular radio broadcasts began in 1920. (一般)

  It was not until 1920 that regular radio broadcasts began. (高级)

  (11) 使用倒装

  Though I‘m weak, I’ll make the effort. (一般)

  Weak as I am, I‘ll make the effort. (高级)

  (12) 使用并列句

  If you go through the gate, you‘ll find the entrance to Bear Country. (一般)

  Go through the gate, and you‘ll find the entrance to Bear Country. (高级)


  As a result, the plan was a failure. (一般)

  The plan turned out to be a failure. (高级)

  Because the weather was good, our journey was comfortable. (一般)

  Thanks to the good weather, our journey waas comfortable. (高级)

  When she heard he had died, she went pale with sorrow. (一般)

  At the news of his death, she went pale with sorrow. (高级)


  彩塑 painted sculpture

  画塑 dough figurine

  壁画 mural

  国画 Chinese traditional painting

  水墨画 ink and wash painting

  绢画 silk painting

  木刻画 wood engraving

  版画 engraving

  贝雕画 shell carving painting

  泥人儿 clay figure

  珍珠 pearl

  翡翠 green jade

  琥珀 amber

  玉 jade

  玛瑙 agate

  珊瑚 coral

  绢扇 silk fan

  檀香扇 sandal wood fan

  折扇 folding fan

  冰雕 ice carving

  石雕 stone carving

  玉雕 jade carving

  木雕 wood carving

  根雕 tree root carving

  骨雕 bones carving

  贝雕 shell carving

  瓷器雕 porcelain carving

  象牙雕 ivory carving




  1. 申请学校


  apply for 申请 business degree 商学院学位

  pay your own way 自己支付各种费用

  2. 选修课程



  semester 学期(美国英语) biology 生物学

  term 学期(英国英语) registration 注册

  course 课程 class permit 听课证

  optional course 选修课 literature class 文学课

  3. 听课


  professor 教授 briefing 剪报

  lecturer 讲师 barely stay awake 几乎不能保持清醒

  complicated 复杂 extra copies 多余的篇子

  informative 信息量大 presentation 陈述,解释,示范

  mission 任务,使命

  4. 演说


  nervous 紧张的 contest 比赛

  calm 平静的 contestant 参赛选手

  a large audience 一大群观众 talk of the town 镇上谈论的焦点

  shaking all over 浑身发抖 not a big deal 不是什么大不了的事情

  beyond me 超出我的理解范围

  5. 阅读


  reading assignment 阅读任务 selectively 有选择地

  chapter by chapter 一章一章地 theory 理论

  read through 从头到尾地读 plot 情节

  cover a few chapters 涉及了几个章节 intensively 精细地

  character 人物角色

  6. 写文


  typing errors 打字错误 revise 修订

  quality paper 好纸 get it published 出版

  proofread 校对 paragraph 段落

  7. 考试


  final exam 期末考试 fail 不及格,失败

  mid-term 期中考试 results (pl) 分数

  stay up 熬夜 release 发布(分数)

  two sleepless nights 两天两夜没睡觉 be through with 结束,完成



  1. 背单词要背得好,要背得快,最基本的原则是脑子不断地想单词。

  让单词不断地从脑子里过,看书看10遍,还不如脑子过一遍。要做到单词在脑子里过的次 数比在书本上过的次数多得多,要做到完全抛开书本,不依赖书本,不拿书的时候也在想单词、背单词。要尽量在单词被忘记之前在脑子里过一遍,这样,它留给你 的印象要深得多,就算以后忘记,也很容易记起来。

  2. 背单词时还要注意在单词之间建立联系。

  当然,刚开始时可能能建立的联系很少,但 要注意培养这种意识,争取一串串地背单词,看见一个,就能想起一串。

  比如,同义的单词一块儿记,反义的、形似的、分类的、词根的,背单词一段时间之后,就 应该看到该单词,想一想以前学过什么同义的,如果只有印象而想不起来,最好在一个笔记本上记一笔,下次碰到该单词时,特别注意。比如,背单词一段时间后, 应该问自己:我一共学了多少关于衣服的`词?如果你只记得中文意思,想不起英文,下次就要特别注意了。或者你看到holograph的时候是否能想起 homograph? 虽然有些书给你整理了一些联系,可我觉得自己总结的才会印象最深。

  这样,单词之间建立联系后,不拿书本的时 候你也能利用这些联系不断地想单词,当某一个单词记不起来时,就要注意了。不妨看后面的单词时,就不断地想前面学过的单词中有哪些类似的,或意思相反的, 把有联系的单词的页数写在单词旁,每当看到这个单词时,总想起和它有关的单词,想不起时再根据页数翻看。如果有印象而想不起来,就在笔记本上记一笔,下次 补上。

  3. 背单词时不要在一个单词上花的时间太多,根本不用超过一分钟,像扫描般一掠而过。