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  刺绣 embroidery


  双面秀 two-sided embroidery

  剪纸 paper Cutting

  书法 calligraphy

  赋诗 inscribe a poem

  对对联 matching an antithetical couplet

  猜拳 finger-guessing game

  皮影 shadow puppet

  糖人 sugar-molded

  踩高跷 stilt walk

  说书 monologue story-telling

  老字号 time-honored

  相声 cross talk

  挂毯 tapestry

  蜡染 batik

  藤条制品 wickerwork

  真丝 pure silk

  图章 seal

  盆景 potted landscape

  屏风 screen

  烟嘴 cigarette holder

  鼻烟壶 snuff bottle

  下象棋 to play Chinese chess

  练习书法 to make special studies of calligraphy

  画国画 to do traditional Chinese painting

  题诗 to inscribe a poem

  拨浪鼓 shaking drum

  竹苗 bamboo flute


  风车 pinwheel

  杂技 acrobatics

  老字号 time-honored

  火药 gunpowder

  指南针 compass

  造纸术 paper-making techniques

  印刷术 paper-printing techniques


  1. you should keep calm during your _______ test. do not be nervous.

  a. oral b.platform c.rude d.shield

  2. our guide gave us a detailed _______ of this painting but we still do not understand.

  a. authority b.interpretation c.instruction d.institution

  3. our _______ is london. but the plane took us to paris.

  a. departure b.donkey c.destination d.discount

  4. generally speaking, there is always a generation _______ in every country.

  a. gap b.break c.globe d.equality

  5. careful planning and hard work will _______ our final success.

  a. enclose b.ensure c.discharge d.deny

  6. he _______ to his roommate for being so rude yesterday.

  a. worried b.doubted c.apologized d.dissolved

  7. when you take a picture, you should _______ carefully to get a sharp picture.

  a. focus b.object c.preserve d.fix

  8. the chinese food in the united states is usually _______ for american people.

  a. exchanged b.altered c.modified d.cooked

  9. there are _______ approaches to english teaching. but not all of them are equally efficient for our chinese students.

  a. double b.joint c.orginate d.diverse

  10. he has a bad impression of his _______ in the office.

  a. colleagues b.bullets c.barbers d.audience

  11. his eyes _______ with rage but he did not dare to say anything.

  a. flashed b.wicked c.voted d.protested

  12. the list is arranged according to the _______ professions of the audience.

  a. respective b.responsible c.resource d.resolution

  13. this is our _______. so you can do what you need to do here.

  a. substance b.schedule c.notice d.noun

  14. that rich man has been dead for a long time but his ________ is still not known to the public.

  a. sausage b.shelf c.portion d.will

  15.i could have _______ such a situation but i didn’t.

  a. forecast b.overcome c.shed d.urged

  16.i prefer a _______ typewriter to an automatic one.

  a. mechanic b.manual c.merchant d.mental

  17.if you want to stop for a moment, just press the ‘_______’ button on your tape recorder.

  a. toilet b.thumb c.violin d.pause

  20.i have _______ three terrible english examinations this week.

  a. observed b.operated c.undergone d.suffered

  21.this is a purely _______ problem, not a political one.

  a. additional b.advantage c.announce d.academic

  22.the _______ toefl score for entering this program is 600.

  a. less b.sandy c.stain d.minimum

  23.the best example of a paradox is the proverb ‘more _______, less speed’.

  a. haste b.range c.possession d.purse

  24.this company provides a very good _______ service for its products.

  a. maintenance b.merit c.philosophy d.pigeon

  25.there is more _______ in meat than in vegetables.

  a. dam b.protein c.cash d.bloody

  26.do not _______ in the exam. this will do you no good.

  a. coin b.disaster c.cheat d.resort

  27.because of the boring _______, we need to take a vacation every year.

  a. routine b.surgery c.rifle d.sake

  28.we need to _______ the purpose of the experiment again.

  a. clarify b.cheek c.claim d.clap

  29.i _______ great success for my study in this university.

  a. disgust b.proceed c.pioneer d.anticipate

  30.from the _______ from this examination, we know it is too easy for the students.

  a. feedback b.frost c.outline d.overlook

  31.he drove very fast to _______ that red car.

  a. scatter b.overtake c.site d.sponsor

  32.slides are sometimes called ________ film.

  a. whistle b.vigorous c.robot d.transparent

  33.professor smith _______the most important part in his paper.

  a. omitted b.disputed c.designed d.chased

  34.this knife is made of steel _______ and it can be used for a long time.

  a. mixed b.alloy c.champion d.grasp

  35.the theory of _______ was developed by darwin and is now understood by nearly everybody in the world.

  a. determination b.distribution c.discipline d.evolution

  36.mr. green has recently been _______ to director of the president’s office.

  a. pushed b.purchased c.promoted d.promised

  37.we don’t think that his _______ ability has been well developed.

  a. possible b.potential c.underneath d.vital

  38.our _______ talks promise a good future for our cooperation.

  a. interior b.insurance c.initial d.invisible

  39.the _______ can help people to see very small objects.

  a. metropolitan b.microphone c.microscope d.microwave

  40.physically we feel comfortable. but _______, we suffer a lot.

  a. psychologically b.moderately c.naturally d.precisely

  41.mary has a _______ view of our future. but nobody believes what she said.

  a. portable b.primary c.possession d.positive

  42.nobody knows his _______ for helping us.

  a. motive b.motion c.mood d.moral

  43.both sides agree to establish a _______ zone between the south and north.

  a. midst b.mild c.mention d.neutral

  44.this is a _______ moment for our research. we should be careful.

  a. critical b.belt c.conscience d.copper

  45.this textbook is for the _______ students, not for the beginners.

  a. observation b.transportation c.advanced d.transfer

  46.when i read the newspaper, i always read the _______ first.

  a. headlines b.headquarters c.heaven d.horizon

  47.they _______ our house at $10,000.

  a. count b.vanish c.weave d.assess

  48.when he studied at college, jack was supported by a _______.

  a. treatment b.assistance c.scholarship d.protein

  49.even as _______, he made several wonderful inventions.

  a.a stock b.a representative c.an undergraduate d.a gulf

  50.an emergency _______ is very important in case of fire.

  a. exit b.deposit c.discharge d.elaborate


  1.a 2.b 3.c 4.a 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.c 9.d 10.a 11.a 12.a 13.b 14.d 15.a 16.b 17.d 18.d 19.a 20.c 21.d 22.d 23.a 24.a 25.b 26.c 27.a 28.a 29.d 30.a 31.b 32.d 33.a 34.b 35.d 36.c 37.b 38.c 39.c 40.a 41.d 42.a 43.d 44.a 45.c 46.a 47.d 48.c 49.c 50.a


  1.Being ignorant of the law is not accepted as an ________ for breaking the law.

  A) excuse

  B) intention

  C) option

  D) approval

  2.Within two days, the army fired more than two hundred rockets and missiles at military ________ in the coastal city.

  A) goals

  B) aims

  C) targets

  D) destinations

  3.It is said in some parts of the world, goats, rather than cows, serve as a vital ________ of milk.

  A) storage

  B) source

  C) reserve

  D) resource

  4.“This light is too ________ for me to read by. Don’t we have a brighter bulb some where”; said the elderly man.

  A) mild

  B) dim

  C) minute

  D) slight

  5.We have arranged to go to the cinema on Friday, but we can be ________ and go another day.

  A) reliable

  B) probable

  C) feasible

  D) flexible


  cosmography 宇宙志

  cosmology 宇宙论

  country/countryside 农村

  cove 湾

  cultivate/farm 耕作

  current/watercourse 水流

  delta 三角洲

  desert 沙漠

  dry soil 旱田

  dune 沙丘

  earth/globe 地壳

  Earth 地球,大地

  equator 赤道

  ethnography 民族志

  fallow 休耕地

  farm 农场

  farming/husbandry 农业

  fertile soil 沃土

  foodstuffs 食品

  fruit grower 果农

  geology 地理学

  geopolitics 地理政治论

  glacial zone 寒带

  globe 地球仪

  grassland 草地

  gulf 海湾

  height above sea level 海拔高度

  high plateau 高原

  high seas/open sea 公海

  horticulture 园艺

  ice floe 冰川

  iceberg 冰山

  inlet 小湾

  insecticide 杀虫剂

  irrigable land 水浇地

  island 岛

  key 暗礁

  land/soil 土壤

  latitude 纬度

  lava 熔岩

  lean soil/poor soil 贫瘠土壤

  livestock 牲畜

  locust 蝗虫

  longitude 经度











  我们很熟悉的词汇往往也是考点出现的地方。因为许多词汇有多重意思,有些也有多重词性。apply多数考生都知道是"申请"的意思,但是还有"应用于",而且从搭配上看"申请"是apply for而后者是apply sth to sth。再比如object,第一印象肯定是"物体",但殊不知它还可以被用作动词object to sth/sb,意思是"反对,抗议"。因此应该做到知其然,更知其所以然。








  bar/ ba:/


  barber/ ‘ba:b/


  bare/ be/


  bargain/ ‘ba:gin/

  n.交易 vi.议价;成交

  barrel/ ‘brl/


  barrier/ ‘bri/


  base/ beis/


  basic/ ‘beisik/


  basically/ ‘beisikli/


  basin/ ‘beisn/


  basis/ ‘beisis/


  basket/ ‘ba:skit/

  n./ 篮球;篮球运动

  bath/ ba:θ/


  bathe/ beie/


  bathroom/ ‘ba:θrum/


  bay/ bei/


  be/ bi:/




  中国古代四大发明 the four great inventions of ancient China

  火药 gunpowder


  造纸术 paper-making

  指南针 the compass

  《大学》The Great Learning

  《中庸》The Doctrine of the Mean

  《论语》The Analects of Confucius

  《春秋》The Spring and Autumn Annals

  《史记》Historical Records

  《诗经》The Book of Songs

  《易经》The I Ching; The Book of Changes

  《礼记》The Book of Rites

  《孟子》The Mencius

  《孙子兵法》The Art of War

  《资治通鉴》History as a Mirror

  《山海经》The Classic of Mountains and Rivers

  《三字经》Three-character Scriptures

  《三国演义》Three Kingdoms

  《西游爷己》Journey to the West

  《红楼梦》Dream of the Red Mansions

  《水浒传》Heroes of the Marshes


  leave sb the choice of … or …

  例句:Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves usthe choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission.

  It is in(with)…as in(with)

  例句:It is in life as in a journey.


  例句:It is as plain as plain can be.


  Italian restaurant 意大利餐馆

  popular 受人喜爱的

  environment 环境

  crowded 拥挤的

  on diet 节食

  dessert 甜点

  contain 含有

  salad 沙拉

  steak 牛排

  buffet 自助餐

  fast food 快餐

  specialty 招牌菜

  continental cuisine 欧式西餐

  aperitif 饭前酒

  dim sum 点心

  French fires 炸薯条

  braised beef 炖牛肉

  bacon 熏肉

  poached egg 荷包蛋


  1. auxiliary a. 辅助的,备用的

  2. automatic a. 自动的

  3. compete vi. 竞争,比赛

  4. competent a. 有能力的,能胜任的

  5. competition n. 竞争,比赛

  6. distribute vt. 分发

  7. disturb vt. 打搅,妨碍

  8. infer v. 推论,推断

  9. integrate v. (into, with) (使)成为一体,(使)合并

  10. moist a. 潮湿

  11. moisture n. 潮湿

  12. promote vt. 促进;提升

  13. region n. 地区;范围;幅度

  14. register v./n.登记,注册

  15. stable a. 稳定的

  16. sophisticated a. 老于世故的,老练的';很复杂的

  17. splendid a. 极好的,壮丽的,辉煌的

  18. cancel vt. 取消,废除

  19. variable a. 易变的,可变的

  20. prospect n. 前景,前途;景象

  21. prosperity n.兴旺,繁荣

  22. aspect n. 方面;朝向;面貌

  23. cope vi. (with)(成功地)应付,处理

  24. core n. 果心,核心

  25. maintain vt. 维持,保持;坚持,主张

  26. mainland n. 大陆

  27. discipline n. 纪律;惩罚;学科

  28. domestic a. 本国的,国内的;家用的;家庭的

  29. constant a. 不变的,恒定的 n. 常数

  30. cliff n. 悬崖,峭壁

  31. authority n. 权威;当局

  32. audio a. 听觉

  33. attitude n. 态度

  34. community n. 社区,社会

  35. commit vt. 犯(错误,罪行等),干(坏事等)

  36. comment n. /vt. 评论

  37. distinguish vt. 区分,辨别

  38. distress n. 痛苦,悲伤 vt. 使痛苦

  39. facility n. [pl.] 设备,设施;便利,方便

  40. faculty n. 能力,技能;系,学科,学院;全体教员

  41. mixture n. 混合,混合物

  42. mood n. 心情,情绪;语气

  43. moral a. 道德上的,有道德的

  44. prominent a. 突出的

  45. substance n. 物质;实质

  46. substantial a. 可观的;牢固的;实质的

  47. prompt vt. 促使 a. 敏捷的,及时的

  48. vivid a. 生动的

  49. vocabulary n. 词汇(量);词汇表

  50. venture n. 风险投资,风险项目 v. 冒险;取于

  51. version n. 版本,译本;说法

  52. waist n. 腰,腰部

  53. weld v. /n. 焊接

  54. yawn vi. 打哈欠

  55. yield vi. (to)屈服于;让出,放弃 n. 产量

  56. zone n. 地区,区域

  57. strategy n. 战略,策略

  58. strategic a. 战略(上)的,关键的

  59. tense a. 紧张的 v. 拉紧 n. 时态

  60. tension n. 紧张(状态),张力301. avenue n. 林荫道,大街


  1.The college students in China are _______ from smoking on campus because this will do them no good.

  A. discouraged




  2.Professor Smith is also the _______ of the international program office. If you have any problem when you study here, you may go to him for help.

  A. detective




  3.We won’t allow any foreign country to _______ in our internal affairs.

  A. devote




  4.We can not _______ all the magazines together.

  A. route




  5.What he said in the meeting _______ everybody present.

  A. disgusted




  6.Some lazy men would rather _______ than work.

  A. indicate




  7.This boy was _______ for what he had done in the class.

  A. scolded




  8.Some states in the United States _______ people to carry guns.

  A. apply




  9.Carelessness made him fall in his job _______.





  10.Sometimes it is very difficult to _______ some of the English words. Even the native speaker can not help.

  A. decrease




  11.Students with _______ problems may apply for student loans.





  12.Both sugar and salt can ______in water.





  13.I have not heard anything from him since his _______.





  14.Without a proper education, people could _______ all kinds of crimes.





  15.Several loudspeakers are _______ from the ceiling and we can hear the speaker very clearly.










  manufactured goods/finished goods 制成品,产成品

  maturity 到期日,偿还日

  medium term loan 中期贷款

  mixed economy 混合经济

  money 货币

  mortgage 抵押

  National city Bank of New York 花旗银行

  national income 国民收入

  net income 纯收益,净收入,收益净额

  New York Stock Exchange/NYSE 纽约证券交易所

  opening price 开盘

  operating costs 生产费用,营业成本

  operating expenses 营业费用

  Organization for Economic cooperation and Development/DECD 经济合作与开发组织

  Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries/OPEC 石油输出国组织

  output 产出,产量

  overhead costs 营业间接成本

  overheads 杂项开支,间接成本

  overproduction 生产过剩

  par value 股面价格,票面价格

  petrodollar 石油美元

  planned economy 计划经济

  political economy 政治经济学

  preference stock 优先股

  price index 物价指数

  price-curbing policy 抑制物价政策

  primary sector 初级成分

  private sector 私营成分,私营部门

  producer 生产者,制造者

  productive/producing 生产的

  productiveness 赢利性

  productivity 生产率

  products/goods 产品

  profitability/profit earning capacity 利润率,赢利率

  protectionism 保护主义

  public sector 公共部门,公共成分

  purchasing power/buying power 购买力


  acclaimed 受欢迎的

  apprentice 学徒

  artist 艺术家

  authentic 逼真的

  avant-garde 前卫派

  biographer 自传作家

  cheerless 无精打采的

  choreographer 舞蹈编排家

  classic 经典的

  clumsy 笨拙的

  contemporary 当代的

  critic 批评家

  disciple 学徒

  eccentric 古怪的

  emotional 情绪的,情感的

  emotive 感人的

  erratic 奇怪的

  feminist 女权主义者

  figurehead 名誉领袖

  genre 风格,体裁

  genuine 真正的

  household 家庭的,家喻户晓的

  humanitarian 人道主义者

  imagist 意象派诗人

  immortal 不朽的,神

  innocent 天真的,无罪的

  inventor 发明家

  lovelorn 相思病苦的

  mechanic 机械工

  minimalist 简单抽象派艺术

  mortal 犯人

  nervous 紧张的.

  nostalgia 怀旧主义,思乡

  odd 怪诞的

  outstanding 杰出的

  patriarchal 家长的,族长的

  people 人物

  philanthropist 慈善家

  precursor 先驱

  preeminent 杰出的

  prodigious 巨大的

  proprietor 业主

  rigid 僵化的

  romantic 浪漫的

  satirist 讽刺作家

  sculptor 雕塑家

  sentimental 感伤的,多愁善感的

  spare 简朴的

  symbolic 象征性的

  territory 领域

  unique 独一无二的

  versatile 多才多艺的

  weird 怪异的,不可思议的

  zigzag 曲折的


  【例】accelerate the rate of economic growth 加速经济增长

  【派】acceleration n。 加速accelerating a。加速的 boost vt。提高,推动,使增长n。 推动,增长

  【例】boost the economy推动经济增长

  【派】booster n。支持者,推动器 mushroom vi。 迅速成长n。蘑菇

  【例】sth。 Mushroom …快速成长/增加 flourish vi。 繁荣,茂盛; vt挥动

  【例】the nation’s economy will flourish。 国家经济将繁荣发展。

  thrive vi。 兴旺,繁荣

  【例】The company managed to thrive after a recession 经济衰退后该公司设法兴旺起来。 soar vi。 猛增,高飞;(情绪)高涨

  【例】Oil prices have soared in recent weeks。 石油价格最近几周飚升。 impose vt。把…强加于; 征税

  【考】impose on/upon把…强加于

  【例】to impose local tax征收地方税

  【派】imposing a。壮观的,令人难忘的

  restore vt。恢复,修复;归还,交还

  【例】 restore the economy to full strength 完全恢复经济发展

  【派】restoration n。修复 revive v。 使复苏vi。恢复

  【例】The economy of these areas is beginning to revive。 这些地方的经济开始复苏。

  squeeze vt。 挤,压榨;n。拮据,紧缺;握手

  【例】financial squeeze财政困难 exceed vt。超过,越出

  【例】The benefits exceed $10 million。 利润超过1千万美元。

  【派】exceeding a。超过的;exceedingly ad。非常 allocate vt。 分配, 把…拨给

  【例】allocate money for the project给项目拨款

  【派】allocation n。配给,分配 distribute vt分发,分配;散布

  【例】Milk has been distributed to the local shops。 牛奶已经分发到当地商店。

  【派】distribution n。分发;distributed a。分布的

  distributor n。发行人

  slash vt。 砍;大量削减;n。砍,斜线号

  【考】slashed red tape革除繁文缛节

  【例】slash fares by about 30% 削减票价30% negotiate vt。洽谈;顺利通过vi协商

  【例】to negotiate the cooperation items谈判公司项目

  【派】negotiation n。谈判negotiable a。可协商的 substantial a。大量的,结实的;实质的;

  【例】substantial investment大笔投资

  bankrupt a。破产的,彻底缺乏的,v。使破产n。破产者

  【例】the bankrupt oil company破产的石油公司

  【派】bankruptcy n。破产

  economy n。 经济,经济情况;省俭,充分利用

  【例】the market economy市场经济

  【派】economize v。节俭economic a。经经济学的' prosperity n。繁荣,兴旺

  【例】economic prosperity经济繁荣

  【例】prosperous a。 繁荣的

  constraint n。 约束;限制

  【例】economic and cultural constraint经济文化制约 hardship n。 艰难,困苦

  【例】economic hardships经济困难 recession n。 衰退(期)

  【例】economic recession经济衰退

  budget n。 预算vi。 做安排vt。规划a。收费公路

  【例】annual budget每年的预算 corporation n。 公司

  【例】multinational corporation跨国公司 entrepreneur n。 企业家

  【例】a young property entrepreneur年轻的地产企业家 commission n。 委员会;佣金,回扣;

  【例】The salesman takes a 5% commission on the sales he makes。 推销员得到他销售额5%的佣金。

  【派】commissioner n。委员 installment n。 分期付款;(分期连载)部分

  【例】the installment plans分期付款计划

  warranty n。 担保书,证书,保单

  【例】The w

  arranty expires tomorrow。 担保书明天到期。 venture n。 风险投资,(商业)风险项目;vi冒险

  【例】a joint venture合资企业

  【派】venturesome a。好冒险的


  each/ i:t/ pron.各,各自 a.各

  eager/ ‘i:g/ a.渴望的,热切的

  eagle/ ‘i:gl/ n.鹰

  ear/ i/ n.耳朵;听力,听觉

  early/ ‘:li/ ad.早 a.早的,早期的

  earn/ :n/ vt.赚得,挣得;获得

  earnest/ ‘:nist/ a.认真的,诚恳的

  earth/ :θ/ n.地球;陆地,地面

  earthquake/ ‘:θkweik/ n.地震;大震荡

  ease/ i:z/ n.容易,舒适 vt.缓和

  east/ i:st/ n.东;东部 ad.在东方

  eastern/ ‘i:stn/ a.东方的;朝东的

  easy/ ‘i:zi/ a.容易的;安逸的

  eat/ i:t/ vt.吃,喝 vi.吃饭

  echo/ ‘eku/ n.回声,反响 vi.重复

  econmic/ i:k’nmik/ a.经济的,经济学的

  economical/ i:k’nmikl/ a.节约的;经济学的

  economy/ i(:)’knmi/ n.经济;节约,节省

  edge/ ed/ n.边缘,边;刀口

  edition/ i’din/ n.版,版本,版次

  editor/ ‘edit/ n.编辑,编者,校订者

  educate/ ‘edju(:)keit/ vt.教育;培养;训练

  education/ edju:’kein/ n.教育;训导;教育学

  effect/ i’fekt/ n.结果;效果,效力

  effective/ i’fektiv/ a.有效的;有影响的

  efficiency/ i’finsi/ n.效率;功效,效能

  efficient/ i’fint/ a.效率高的,有能力的

  effort/ ‘eft/ n.努力;努力的成果

  egg/ eg/ n.蛋,鸡蛋,卵

  eight/ eit/ num.八,八个,第八

  eighteen/ ‘ei’ti:n/ num.十八,十八个

  eighth/ eitθ/ num.第八 n.八分之一

  eighty/ ‘eiti/ num.八十,八十个

  either/ ‘aie, ‘i:e/ pron.(两者)任何一个

  elaborate/ i’lbrit/ a.复杂的;精心制作的

  elastic/ i’lstik/ n.松紧带 a.有弹性的

  elder/ ‘eld/ a.年龄较大的 n.长者

  elect/ i’lekt/ vt.选举,推选;选择

  election/ i’lekn/ n.选举,选择权;当选

  electric/ i’lektrik/ a.电的.,电动的

  electrical/ i’lektrikl/ a.电的,电气科学的

  electricity/ ilek’trisiti/ n.电,电学;电流

  electron/ i’lektrn/ n.电子

  electronic/ ilek’trnik/ a.电子的

  element/ ‘elimnt/ n.成分;要素;元素

  elementary/ eli’mentri/ a.基本的;初级的

  elephant/ ‘elifnt/ n.象

  elevator/ ‘eliveit/ n.电梯;升降机

  eleven/ i’levn/ num.十一,十一个

  eliminate/ i’limineit/ vt.消灭,消除,排除

  else/ els/ ad.其它,另外 a.别的

  elsewhere/ els’we/ ad.在别处,向别处

  embarrass/ im’brs/ vt.使窘迫,使为难

  embrace/ im’breis/ vt.拥抱;包括;包围

  emerge/ i’m:d/ vi.出现,涌现;冒出

  emergency/ i’m:dnsi/ n.紧急情况,突然事件

  emit/ i’mit/ vt.散发;发射;发表

  emotion/ i’mun/ n.情感,感情;激动

  emotional/ i’munl/ a.感情的,情绪的

  emperor/ ‘empr/ n.皇帝

  emphasis/ ‘emfsis/ n.强调,重点,重要性

  emphasize/ ‘emfsaiz/ vt.强调,着重

  empire/ ‘empai/ n.帝国

  employ/ im’pli/ vi.雇用;用;使忙于

  employee/ empli’i:/ n.受雇者,雇员,雇工

  employer/ im’pli/ n.雇佣者,雇主

  employment/ im’plimnt/ n.工业;雇用;使用

  empty/ ‘empti/ a.空的;空洞的

  enable/ i’neibl/ vt.使能够,使可能

  enclose/ in’kluz/ vt.围住,圈起;附上

  encounter/ in’kaunt/ vt.遭遇,遇到 n.遭遇

  encourage/ in’kΛrid/ vt.鼓励,支持,助长

  end/ end/ n.末端;目标 vt.结束

  ending/ ‘endi/ n.结尾,结局;死亡

  endless/ ‘endlis/ a.无止境的

  endure/ in’dju/ vt.忍受;容忍

  enemy/ ‘enimi/ n.敌人;仇敌;敌兵

  energy/ ‘endi/ n.活力;精力;能

  enforce/ in’f:s/ vt.实施,执行;强制

  engage/ in’geid/ vt.使从事于;聘用

  engine/ ‘endin/ n. 发动机,引擎;机车

  engineer/ endi’ni/ n.工程师,技师

  engineering/ endi’niri/ n.工程,工程学

  enlarge/ in’la:d/ vt.扩大,扩展;放大

  enormous/ i’n:ms/ a.巨大的,庞大的

  enough/ i’nΛf/ a.足够的 ad.足够地

  enquire/ in’kwai/ vi.vt. 询问

  enquiry/ / n. 询问

  ensure/ in’u/ vt.保证;保护;赋予

  entertain/ ent’tein/ vt.使欢乐;招待

  enthusiasm/ in’θju:zizm/ n.热情,热心,热忱

  entitle/ in’taitl/ vt.给…权利(或资格)

  entry/ ‘entri/ n.入口处;登记;进入

  environment/ in’vairnmnt/ n.环境,外界;围绕

  envy/ ‘envi/ vt.&n.妒忌;羡慕

  equal/ ‘i:kwl/ a.相等的;平等的

  equality/ i(:)’kwliti/ n.等同,平等;相等

  equation/ i’kwein/ n.方程(式);等式

  equip/ i’kwip/ vt.装备,配备

  equipment/ i’kwipmnt/ n.装备,设备,配备

  equivalent/ i’kwivlnt/ a.相等的;等量的

  era/ ‘ir/ n.时代,年代;纪元

  erect/ i’rekt/ vt.建造;使竖立

  error/ ‘er/ n.错误,谬误;差错

  escape/ is’keip/ vi.逃跑;逸出 n.逃跑

  especially/ is’peli/ ad.特别,尤其,格外

  essay/ ‘esei/ n.短文,散文,小品文

  essential/ i’senl/ a.必要的,本质的

  establish/ is’tbli/ vt.建立,设立;确立

  establishment/ is’tblimnt/ n.建立,设立,确立

  estimate/ ‘estimit, ‘estimeit/ vt.估计,评价 n.估计

  urope/ ‘jurp/ n.欧洲

  uropean/ jur’pi:n/ a.欧洲的 n.欧洲人

  evaluate/ i’vljueit/ vt.评价,估…的价

  evaporate/ i’vpreit/ vt.使蒸发 vi.蒸发

  eve/ i:v/ n.前夜,前夕,前一刻

  even/ ‘i:vn/ ad.甚至;甚至更,还

  even/ ‘i:vn/ a.均匀的;平的

  evening/ ‘i:vni/ n.傍晚,黄昏,晚上

  event/ i’vent/ n.事件,大事;事变

  eventually/ i’ventjuli/ ad.终于;最后

  ever/ ‘ev/ ad.在任何时候;曾经

  every/ ‘evri/ a.每一的;每隔…的

  everybody/ ‘evribdi/ pron.每人,人人

  everyday/ ‘evridei/ a.每天的,日常的

  everyone/ ‘evriwΛn/ pron.每人,人人

  everything/ ‘evriθi/ pron.每件事,事事

  everywhere/ ‘evriwe/ ad.到处,处处

  evidence/ ‘evidns/ n.根据;证据,证人

  evident/ ‘evidnt/ a.明显的,明白的

  evil/ ‘i:vl/ n.邪恶;祸害 a.坏的

  evolution/ i:v’lju:n/ n.进化,演化;发展

  evolve/ i’vlv/ vt.使进化;使发展

  exact/ ig’zkt/ a.确切的;精确的

  exaggerate/ ig’zdreit/ vt.&vi.夸大,夸张

  exam/ ig’zm/ n.考试;检查,细查

  examination/ igzmi’nein/ n.考试;检查,细查

  examine/ ig’zmin/ vt.检查,仔细观察

  example/ ig’za:mpl/ n.例子,实例;模范

  exceed/ ik’si:d/ vt.超过,胜过;超出

  exceedingly/ ik’si:dili/ ad.极端地,非常

  excellent/ ‘ekslnt/ a.优秀的,杰出的

  except/ ik’sept/ prep.除…之外

  exception/ ik’sepn/ n.例外,除外

  excess/ ik’ses, ‘ekses/ n.超越;过量;过度

  excessive/ ik’sesiv/ a.过多的,极度的

  exchange/ iks’teind/ vt.交换;交流 n.交换

  excite/ ik’sait/ vt.使激动;引起

  exciting/ ik’saiti/ a.令人兴奋的

  exclaim/ iks’kleim/ vi.呼喊;惊叫

  exclude/ iks’klu:d/ vt.把…排除在外

  exclusively/ iks’klu:sivli/ ad.专门地

  excursion/ iks’k:n/ n.远足;短途旅行

  excuse/ iks’kju:z, iks’kju:s/ vt.原谅;免除 n.借口

  execute/ ‘eksikju:t/ vt.将…处死;实施

  executive/ ig’zekjutiv/ a.执行的 n.执行者

  exercise/ ‘ekssaiz/ n.锻炼,训练 vi.练习

  exert/ ig’z:t/ vt.尽(力),运用

  exhaust/ ig’z:st/ vt.使筋疲力尽;用尽

  exhibit/ ig’zibit/ vt.显示;陈列,展览

  exhibition/ eksi’bin/ n.展览,陈列;展览会

  exist/ ig’zist/ vi.存在;生存,生活

  existence/ ig’zistns/ n.存在,实在;生存

  exit/ ‘eksit/ n.出口;退场 vi.退出

  expand/ iks’pnd/ vt.扩大;使膨胀

  expansion/ iks’pnn/ n.扩大,扩充;扩张

  expect/ iks’pekt/ vt.预料,预期;等待

  expectation/ ekspek’tein/ n.期待,期望,预期

  expense/ iks’pens/ n.花费,消费;费用

  expensive/ iks’pensiv/ a.昂贵的,花钱多的

  experience/ iks’pirins/ n.经验,感受;经历

  experiment/ iks’perimnt/ n.实验;试验

  experimental/ iksperi’mentl/ a.实验的,试验的

  expert/ ‘eksp:t/ n.专家 a.熟练的

  explain/ iks’plein/ vt.解释;为…辩解

  explanation/ ekspl’nein/ n.解释,说明;辩解

  explode/ iks’plud/ vt.使爆炸 vi.爆炸

  explit/ ‘eksplit, iks’plit/ vt.剥削;利用;开拓

  explore/ iks’pl:/ vt.&vi.探险,探索

  explosion/ iks’plun/ n.爆炸,爆发,炸裂

  explosive/ iks’plusiv/ n.炸药 a.爆炸的

  export/ eks’p:t, ‘eksp:t/ vt.输出,出口;运走

  expose/ iks’puz/ vt.使暴露;揭露

  exposure/ iks’pu/ n.暴露;揭露;曝光

  express/ iks’pres/ vt.表示 n.快车,快递

  expression/ iks’pren/ n.词句;表达;表情

  extend/ iks’tend/ vt.延长;扩大;致

  extension/ iks’tenn/ n.延长部分;伸展

  extensive/ iks’tensiv/ a.广阔的;广泛的

  extent/ iks’tent/ n.广度;范围;程度

  exterior/ eks’tiri/ a.外部的;对外的

  external/ eks’t:nl/ a.外部的,外面的

  extra/ ‘ekstr/ a.额外的 ad.特别地

  extraordinary/ iks’tr:dinri/ a.非同寻常的,特别的

  extreme/ iks’tri:m/ a.极度的;尽头的

  eye/ ai/ n.眼睛;眼力;鉴赏力

  eyesight/ ‘aisait/ n.视力,目力


  circus act 马戏节目

  classical literature 古典文学

  classicism 古典主义,古典风格

  collection 收藏

  comedy 喜剧

  contemporary literature 现代文学

  copyright 版权,著作权

  costume 服装

  critic 批评家

  criticism 评论

  dialogue 对白

  drama 话剧

  edition/printing 版

  episode 轶事

  essay 随笔

  exhibition 展览

  existentialism 存在主义

  expressionism 表现主义

  figure 塑像

  film festival 电影节

  film industry 电影工业

  film society/film club 电影协会

  film star/movie star 电影明星

  firework display 焰火

  first-run cinema 首轮影院

  float 彩车

  folklore 民间文学

  futurism 未来主义

  Gothic 哥特式

  hymn/anthem 颂歌,国歌

  impressionism 印象派;印象主义

  inspiration 灵感,启发

  light literature 通俗文学

  masterpiece 杰作

  naturalism 自然主义

  neoclassicism 新古典主义

  novel 长篇小说

  original version 原著

  paper lantern 纸灯


  play 剧本

  popular literature 大众文学

  premiere 首映式

  psalm 赞美诗