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  abdomen n.腹, 腹部


  acute adj.敏锐的, [医] 急性的

  adolescent adj.青春期的, 青春的

  adverse adj.不利的, 敌对的, 相反的

  affiliate v.使加入, 接受为会员,附属

  affirmative adj.肯定的, (对正式辩论中的问题)表示赞成的, (态度, 方法等)积极的, 乐观的, 怀有希望的n.肯定语

  aggravate vt.使恶化, 加重

  agitate v.搅动, 摇动, 煽动, 激动

  alleviate vt.使(痛苦等)易于忍受, 减轻

  applicable adj.可适用的, 可应用的

  appraisal n.评价, 估价(尤指估价财产,以便征税), 鉴定

  appreciable adj.可感知的, 可评估的,值得重视的

  articulate adj.有关节的, 发音清晰的 vt.用关节连接, 接合, 清晰明白地说

  augment v.增加, 增大 n.增加

  auxiliary adj.辅助的, 补助的

  avert v.转移, 避免

  banish vt.流放, 驱逐, 消除

  bazaar n.集市,市场;义卖市场

  besiege vt.围困, 围攻, 包围

  bleach v.漂白, 变白

  bleak adj.寒冷的, 阴冷的, 荒凉的, 凄凉的, 黯淡的`,没有希望的

  borough n.自治的市镇, 区

  broth n. 汤(加鱼、肉或蔬菜)

  bump v.撞击, 碰撞 n. 碰撞, 冲撞

  commute v. 经常长途来往(尤指乘车上下班)

  complication n.复杂状况

  conscientious adj.尽责的

  consensus n.一致同意, 多数人的意见, 舆论

  constituent n.委托人, 要素 adj.有选 举权的; 有宪法制定[修改]权的

  contaminate v.污染

  contempt n.轻视, 轻蔑, 耻辱, 不尊敬, [律] 藐视法庭(或国会)

  contrive v.发明, 设计, 图谋

  conversely adv.倒地,逆地

  hazard n.冒险, 危险, 冒险的事 vt.冒……的危险, 赌运气, 使遭危险

  hedge n.树篱, 障碍物 v.用树篱围住, 避免作正面答复

  hierarchy n.层次, 层级

  hinder adj.后面的 v.阻碍, 打扰

  hinge n.(门、盖等的)铰链, 枢纽, 关键 vt.装铰链 v.装以绞链, 依……而转移

  hitherto adv.迄今, 至今

  hoist n.提升间, 升起

  homogeneous adj.同类的, 相似的, 均一的, 均匀的

  hysterical adj. 歇斯底里的, 异常兴奋的

  illuminate vt.照明, 照亮, 阐明, 说明, 使灿烂, 以灯火装饰(街道等) vi.照亮

  immerse vt.沉浸, 使陷入

  immune adj.免疫的

  impair v.削弱

  imperialism n.帝国主义, 帝制

  impetus n.推动力, 促进


  1. you should keep calm during your _______ test. do not be nervous.

  a. oral b.platform c.rude d.shield

  2. our guide gave us a detailed _______ of this painting but we still do not understand.

  a. authority b.interpretation c.instruction d.institution

  3. our _______ is london. but the plane took us to paris.

  a. departure b.donkey c.destination d.discount

  4. generally speaking, there is always a generation _______ in every country.

  a. gap b.break c.globe d.equality

  5. careful planning and hard work will _______ our final success.

  a. enclose b.ensure c.discharge d.deny

  6. he _______ to his roommate for being so rude yesterday.

  a. worried b.doubted c.apologized d.dissolved

  7. when you take a picture, you should _______ carefully to get a sharp picture.

  a. focus b.object c.preserve d.fix

  8. the chinese food in the united states is usually _______ for american people.

  a. exchanged b.altered c.modified d.cooked

  9. there are _______ approaches to english teaching. but not all of them are equally efficient for our chinese students.

  a. double b.joint c.orginate d.diverse

  10. he has a bad impression of his _______ in the office.

  a. colleagues b.bullets c.barbers d.audience

  11. his eyes _______ with rage but he did not dare to say anything.

  a. flashed b.wicked c.voted d.protested

  12. the list is arranged according to the _______ professions of the audience.

  a. respective b.responsible c.resource d.resolution

  13. this is our _______. so you can do what you need to do here.

  a. substance b.schedule c.notice d.noun

  14. that rich man has been dead for a long time but his ________ is still not known to the public.

  a. sausage b.shelf c.portion d.will

  15.i could have _______ such a situation but i didn’t.

  a. forecast b.overcome c.shed d.urged

  16.i prefer a _______ typewriter to an automatic one.

  a. mechanic b.manual c.merchant d.mental

  17.if you want to stop for a moment, just press the ‘_______’ button on your tape recorder.

  a. toilet b.thumb c.violin d.pause

  20.i have _______ three terrible english examinations this week.

  a. observed b.operated c.undergone d.suffered

  21.this is a purely _______ problem, not a political one.

  a. additional b.advantage c.announce d.academic

  22.the _______ toefl score for entering this program is 600.

  a. less b.sandy c.stain d.minimum

  23.the best example of a paradox is the proverb ‘more _______, less speed’.

  a. haste b.range c.possession d.purse

  24.this company provides a very good _______ service for its products.

  a. maintenance b.merit c.philosophy d.pigeon

  25.there is more _______ in meat than in vegetables.

  a. dam b.protein c.cash d.bloody

  26.do not _______ in the exam. this will do you no good.

  a. coin b.disaster c.cheat d.resort

  27.because of the boring _______, we need to take a vacation every year.

  a. routine b.surgery c.rifle d.sake

  28.we need to _______ the purpose of the experiment again.

  a. clarify b.cheek c.claim d.clap

  29.i _______ great success for my study in this university.

  a. disgust b.proceed c.pioneer d.anticipate

  30.from the _______ from this examination, we know it is too easy for the students.

  a. feedback b.frost c.outline d.overlook

  31.he drove very fast to _______ that red car.

  a. scatter b.overtake c.site d.sponsor

  32.slides are sometimes called ________ film.

  a. whistle b.vigorous c.robot d.transparent

  33.professor smith _______the most important part in his paper.

  a. omitted b.disputed c.designed d.chased

  34.this knife is made of steel _______ and it can be used for a long time.

  a. mixed b.alloy c.champion d.grasp

  35.the theory of _______ was developed by darwin and is now understood by nearly everybody in the world.

  a. determination b.distribution c.discipline d.evolution

  36.mr. green has recently been _______ to director of the president’s office.

  a. pushed b.purchased c.promoted d.promised

  37.we don’t think that his _______ ability has been well developed.

  a. possible b.potential c.underneath d.vital

  38.our _______ talks promise a good future for our cooperation.

  a. interior b.insurance c.initial d.invisible

  39.the _______ can help people to see very small objects.

  a. metropolitan b.microphone c.microscope d.microwave

  40.physically we feel comfortable. but _______, we suffer a lot.

  a. psychologically b.moderately c.naturally d.precisely

  41.mary has a _______ view of our future. but nobody believes what she said.

  a. portable b.primary c.possession d.positive

  42.nobody knows his _______ for helping us.

  a. motive b.motion c.mood d.moral

  43.both sides agree to establish a _______ zone between the south and north.

  a. midst b.mild c.mention d.neutral

  44.this is a _______ moment for our research. we should be careful.

  a. critical b.belt c.conscience d.copper

  45.this textbook is for the _______ students, not for the beginners.

  a. observation b.transportation c.advanced d.transfer

  46.when i read the newspaper, i always read the _______ first.

  a. headlines b.headquarters c.heaven d.horizon

  47.they _______ our house at $10,000.

  a. count b.vanish c.weave d.assess

  48.when he studied at college, jack was supported by a _______.

  a. treatment b.assistance c.scholarship d.protein

  49.even as _______, he made several wonderful inventions.

  a.a stock b.a representative c.an undergraduate d.a gulf

  50.an emergency _______ is very important in case of fire.

  a. exit b.deposit c.discharge d.elaborate


  1.a 2.b 3.c 4.a 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.c 9.d 10.a 11.a 12.a 13.b 14.d 15.a 16.b 17.d 18.d 19.a 20.c 21.d 22.d 23.a 24.a 25.b 26.c 27.a 28.a 29.d 30.a 31.b 32.d 33.a 34.b 35.d 36.c 37.b 38.c 39.c 40.a 41.d 42.a 43.d 44.a 45.c 46.a 47.d 48.c 49.c 50.a


  唐三彩 trio-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty

  陶器 pottery ware

  玉器 jade article

  瓷器 china ware

  青瓷 celadon

  青铜器 bronze ware

  景泰蓝 cloisonné enamel

  漆器 lacquer ware

  彩陶 painted pottery

  优秀民间艺术 outstanding folk arts

  景德镇瓷 Jingdezhen porcelain

  卖秸画 straw patchwork

  篆刻 seal cutting

  戏剧表演 Theatrical Performances

  京剧人物脸谱 types of facial makeup in Beijing opera

  生 male characters

  旦 female characters

  净 painted face characters

  末 middle-aged male characters

  丑 clown

  地方戏 local opera

  哑剧 dumb show ; mime ; mummery ; pantomime

  木偶戏 puppet show

  独角戏 monodrama; one-man play

  皮影戏 shadow play ; leather-silhouette show

  折子戏 opera highlights

  戏剧小品 skit

  单口相声 monologue comic talk

  双口相声 witty dialogue

  口技 vocal imitations ; ventriloquism

  叠罗汉 making a human pyramid

  马戏 circus performances


  odd a. 奇特的,古怪的;奇数的

  omit vt. 省略

  opponent n. 敌手,对手

  opportunity n. 机会,时机

  orchestra n. 管弦乐队

  semester n. 学期;半年

  semiconductor n. 半导体

  seminar n. 研讨会

  terminal a. 末端的,极限的 n. 终点

  territory n. 领土

  approximate a. 大概的`,大约 v. 近似

  arbitrary a. 随意的,未断的

  architect n. 建筑师

  architecture n. 建筑学

  biology n. 生物学

  geography n. 地理(学)

  geology n. 地质学

  geometry n. 几何(学)

  arichmetic n. 算术

  algebra n. 代数

  entertainment n. 娱乐;招待,款待

  enthusiasm n. 热情,热心

  entry n. 进入,入口处;参赛的人(或物)

  enviroment n. 环境

  episode n. 插曲,片段

  equation n. 方程(式)

  restrain vt. 阻止,抑制

  restraint n. 抑制,限制

  resume v. (中断后)重新开始

  severe a. 严重的

  sexual a. 性的

  simplicity n. 简单;朴素

  simplify vt. 简化

  sorrow n. 悲哀,悲痛

  stuff n. 原料,材料 vt. 填进,塞满

  temporary a. 暂时的,临时的

  temptation n. 诱惑,引诱

  terror n. 恐怖

  thrust v. 挤,推,插

  treaty n. 条约,协定

  arise vi. 产生,出现,发生;起身

  arouse vt. 引起,激起;唤醒

  burden n. 重担,负荷


  each/ i:t/ pron.各,各自 a.各

  eager/ ‘i:g/ a.渴望的,热切的

  eagle/ ‘i:gl/ n.鹰

  ear/ i/ n.耳朵;听力,听觉

  early/ ‘:li/ ad.早 a.早的,早期的

  earn/ :n/ vt.赚得,挣得;获得

  earnest/ ‘:nist/ a.认真的,诚恳的

  earth/ :θ/ n.地球;陆地,地面

  earthquake/ ‘:θkweik/ n.地震;大震荡

  ease/ i:z/ n.容易,舒适 vt.缓和

  east/ i:st/ n.东;东部 ad.在东方

  eastern/ ‘i:stn/ a.东方的;朝东的

  easy/ ‘i:zi/ a.容易的;安逸的

  eat/ i:t/ vt.吃,喝 vi.吃饭

  echo/ ‘eku/ n.回声,反响 vi.重复

  econmic/ i:k’nmik/ a.经济的,经济学的

  economical/ i:k’nmikl/ a.节约的;经济学的

  economy/ i(:)’knmi/ n.经济;节约,节省

  edge/ ed/ n.边缘,边;刀口

  edition/ i’din/ n.版,版本,版次

  editor/ ‘edit/ n.编辑,编者,校订者

  educate/ ‘edju(:)keit/ vt.教育;培养;训练

  education/ edju:’kein/ n.教育;训导;教育学

  effect/ i’fekt/ n.结果;效果,效力

  effective/ i’fektiv/ a.有效的;有影响的

  efficiency/ i’finsi/ n.效率;功效,效能

  efficient/ i’fint/ a.效率高的,有能力的

  effort/ ‘eft/ n.努力;努力的成果

  egg/ eg/ n.蛋,鸡蛋,卵

  eight/ eit/ num.八,八个,第八

  eighteen/ ‘ei’ti:n/ num.十八,十八个

  eighth/ eitθ/ num.第八 n.八分之一

  eighty/ ‘eiti/ num.八十,八十个

  either/ ‘aie, ‘i:e/ pron.(两者)任何一个

  elaborate/ i’lbrit/ a.复杂的;精心制作的

  elastic/ i’lstik/ n.松紧带 a.有弹性的

  elder/ ‘eld/ a.年龄较大的 n.长者

  elect/ i’lekt/ vt.选举,推选;选择

  election/ i’lekn/ n.选举,选择权;当选

  electric/ i’lektrik/ a.电的,电动的

  electrical/ i’lektrikl/ a.电的,电气科学的

  electricity/ ilek’trisiti/ n.电,电学;电流

  electron/ i’lektrn/ n.电子

  electronic/ ilek’trnik/ a.电子的

  element/ ‘elimnt/ n.成分;要素;元素

  elementary/ eli’mentri/ a.基本的;初级的

  elephant/ ‘elifnt/ n.象

  elevator/ ‘eliveit/ n.电梯;升降机

  eleven/ i’levn/ num.十一,十一个

  eliminate/ i’limineit/ vt.消灭,消除,排除

  else/ els/ ad.其它,另外 a.别的

  elsewhere/ els’we/ ad.在别处,向别处

  embarrass/ im’brs/ vt.使窘迫,使为难

  embrace/ im’breis/ vt.拥抱;包括;包围

  emerge/ i’m:d/ vi.出现,涌现;冒出

  emergency/ i’m:dnsi/ n.紧急情况,突然事件

  emit/ i’mit/ vt.散发;发射;发表

  emotion/ i’mun/ n.情感,感情;激动

  emotional/ i’munl/ a.感情的,情绪的

  emperor/ ‘empr/ n.皇帝

  emphasis/ ‘emfsis/ n.强调,重点,重要性

  emphasize/ ‘emfsaiz/ vt.强调,着重

  empire/ ‘empai/ n.帝国

  employ/ im’pli/ vi.雇用;用;使忙于

  employee/ empli’i:/ n.受雇者,雇员,雇工

  employer/ im’pli/ n.雇佣者,雇主

  employment/ im’plimnt/ n.工业;雇用;使用

  empty/ ‘empti/ a.空的;空洞的

  enable/ i’neibl/ vt.使能够,使可能

  enclose/ in’kluz/ vt.围住,圈起;附上

  encounter/ in’kaunt/ vt.遭遇,遇到 n.遭遇

  encourage/ in’kΛrid/ vt.鼓励,支持,助长

  end/ end/ n.末端;目标 vt.结束

  ending/ ‘endi/ n.结尾,结局;死亡

  endless/ ‘endlis/ a.无止境的

  endure/ in’dju/ vt.忍受;容忍

  enemy/ ‘enimi/ n.敌人;仇敌;敌兵

  energy/ ‘endi/ n.活力;精力;能

  enforce/ in’f:s/ vt.实施,执行;强制

  engage/ in’geid/ vt.使从事于;聘用

  engine/ ‘endin/ n. 发动机,引擎;机车

  engineer/ endi’ni/ n.工程师,技师

  engineering/ endi’niri/ n.工程,工程学

  enlarge/ in’la:d/ vt.扩大,扩展;放大

  enormous/ i’n:ms/ a.巨大的`,庞大的

  enough/ i’nΛf/ a.足够的 ad.足够地

  enquire/ in’kwai/ vi.vt. 询问

  enquiry/ / n. 询问

  ensure/ in’u/ vt.保证;保护;赋予

  entertain/ ent’tein/ vt.使欢乐;招待

  enthusiasm/ in’θju:zizm/ n.热情,热心,热忱

  entitle/ in’taitl/ vt.给…权利(或资格)

  entry/ ‘entri/ n.入口处;登记;进入

  environment/ in’vairnmnt/ n.环境,外界;围绕

  envy/ ‘envi/ vt.&n.妒忌;羡慕

  equal/ ‘i:kwl/ a.相等的;平等的

  equality/ i(:)’kwliti/ n.等同,平等;相等

  equation/ i’kwein/ n.方程(式);等式

  equip/ i’kwip/ vt.装备,配备

  equipment/ i’kwipmnt/ n.装备,设备,配备

  equivalent/ i’kwivlnt/ a.相等的;等量的

  era/ ‘ir/ n.时代,年代;纪元

  erect/ i’rekt/ vt.建造;使竖立

  error/ ‘er/ n.错误,谬误;差错

  escape/ is’keip/ vi.逃跑;逸出 n.逃跑

  especially/ is’peli/ ad.特别,尤其,格外

  essay/ ‘esei/ n.短文,散文,小品文

  essential/ i’senl/ a.必要的,本质的

  establish/ is’tbli/ vt.建立,设立;确立

  establishment/ is’tblimnt/ n.建立,设立,确立

  estimate/ ‘estimit, ‘estimeit/ vt.估计,评价 n.估计

  urope/ ‘jurp/ n.欧洲

  uropean/ jur’pi:n/ a.欧洲的 n.欧洲人

  evaluate/ i’vljueit/ vt.评价,估…的价

  evaporate/ i’vpreit/ vt.使蒸发 vi.蒸发

  eve/ i:v/ n.前夜,前夕,前一刻

  even/ ‘i:vn/ ad.甚至;甚至更,还

  even/ ‘i:vn/ a.均匀的;平的

  evening/ ‘i:vni/ n.傍晚,黄昏,晚上

  event/ i’vent/ n.事件,大事;事变

  eventually/ i’ventjuli/ ad.终于;最后

  ever/ ‘ev/ ad.在任何时候;曾经

  every/ ‘evri/ a.每一的;每隔…的

  everybody/ ‘evribdi/ pron.每人,人人

  everyday/ ‘evridei/ a.每天的,日常的

  everyone/ ‘evriwΛn/ pron.每人,人人

  everything/ ‘evriθi/ pron.每件事,事事

  everywhere/ ‘evriwe/ ad.到处,处处

  evidence/ ‘evidns/ n.根据;证据,证人

  evident/ ‘evidnt/ a.明显的,明白的

  evil/ ‘i:vl/ n.邪恶;祸害 a.坏的

  evolution/ i:v’lju:n/ n.进化,演化;发展

  evolve/ i’vlv/ vt.使进化;使发展

  exact/ ig’zkt/ a.确切的;精确的

  exaggerate/ ig’zdreit/ vt.&vi.夸大,夸张

  exam/ ig’zm/ n.考试;检查,细查

  examination/ igzmi’nein/ n.考试;检查,细查

  examine/ ig’zmin/ vt.检查,仔细观察

  example/ ig’za:mpl/ n.例子,实例;模范

  exceed/ ik’si:d/ vt.超过,胜过;超出

  exceedingly/ ik’si:dili/ ad.极端地,非常

  excellent/ ‘ekslnt/ a.优秀的,杰出的

  except/ ik’sept/ prep.除…之外

  exception/ ik’sepn/ n.例外,除外

  excess/ ik’ses, ‘ekses/ n.超越;过量;过度

  excessive/ ik’sesiv/ a.过多的,极度的

  exchange/ iks’teind/ vt.交换;交流 n.交换

  excite/ ik’sait/ vt.使激动;引起

  exciting/ ik’saiti/ a.令人兴奋的

  exclaim/ iks’kleim/ vi.呼喊;惊叫

  exclude/ iks’klu:d/ vt.把…排除在外

  exclusively/ iks’klu:sivli/ ad.专门地

  excursion/ iks’k:n/ n.远足;短途旅行

  excuse/ iks’kju:z, iks’kju:s/ vt.原谅;免除 n.借口

  execute/ ‘eksikju:t/ vt.将…处死;实施

  executive/ ig’zekjutiv/ a.执行的 n.执行者

  exercise/ ‘ekssaiz/ n.锻炼,训练 vi.练习

  exert/ ig’z:t/ vt.尽(力),运用

  exhaust/ ig’z:st/ vt.使筋疲力尽;用尽

  exhibit/ ig’zibit/ vt.显示;陈列,展览

  exhibition/ eksi’bin/ n.展览,陈列;展览会

  exist/ ig’zist/ vi.存在;生存,生活

  existence/ ig’zistns/ n.存在,实在;生存

  exit/ ‘eksit/ n.出口;退场 vi.退出

  expand/ iks’pnd/ vt.扩大;使膨胀

  expansion/ iks’pnn/ n.扩大,扩充;扩张

  expect/ iks’pekt/ vt.预料,预期;等待

  expectation/ ekspek’tein/ n.期待,期望,预期

  expense/ iks’pens/ n.花费,消费;费用

  expensive/ iks’pensiv/ a.昂贵的,花钱多的

  experience/ iks’pirins/ n.经验,感受;经历

  experiment/ iks’perimnt/ n.实验;试验

  experimental/ iksperi’mentl/ a.实验的,试验的

  expert/ ‘eksp:t/ n.专家 a.熟练的

  explain/ iks’plein/ vt.解释;为…辩解

  explanation/ ekspl’nein/ n.解释,说明;辩解

  explode/ iks’plud/ vt.使爆炸 vi.爆炸

  explit/ ‘eksplit, iks’plit/ vt.剥削;利用;开拓

  explore/ iks’pl:/ vt.&vi.探险,探索

  explosion/ iks’plun/ n.爆炸,爆发,炸裂

  explosive/ iks’plusiv/ n.炸药 a.爆炸的

  export/ eks’p:t, ‘eksp:t/ vt.输出,出口;运走

  expose/ iks’puz/ vt.使暴露;揭露

  exposure/ iks’pu/ n.暴露;揭露;曝光

  express/ iks’pres/ vt.表示 n.快车,快递

  expression/ iks’pren/ n.词句;表达;表情

  extend/ iks’tend/ vt.延长;扩大;致

  extension/ iks’tenn/ n.延长部分;伸展

  extensive/ iks’tensiv/ a.广阔的;广泛的

  extent/ iks’tent/ n.广度;范围;程度

  exterior/ eks’tiri/ a.外部的;对外的

  external/ eks’t:nl/ a.外部的,外面的

  extra/ ‘ekstr/ a.额外的 ad.特别地

  extraordinary/ iks’tr:dinri/ a.非同寻常的,特别的

  extreme/ iks’tri:m/ a.极度的;尽头的

  eye/ ai/ n.眼睛;眼力;鉴赏力

  eyesight/ ‘aisait/ n.视力,目力


  1. I hope, when you finished this exercise, you____many mistakes in it.

  A. won’t make

  B. won’t have made

  C. won’t be making

  D. won’t have been making

  2. ____he arrived at the airport, he realized what had happened there.

  A. The moment when

  B. The moment

  C. Until

  D. At the moment

  3. Water is to fish____atmosphere is to men.

  A. that B. so C. what D. so does

  4. I’m sure your suggestion will____the problem.

  A. contribute to solve

  B. be contributed to solve

  C. be contributed to solving

  D. contribute to solving

  5. That our environment has little to do with our abilities, characters and behavior____central to his theory.

  A. is

  B. are

  C. has been

  D. have been

  答案及解析: BBCDA


  2.【B】the moment这里做连词用,表示“就在……时,就在……的那一刻”,前面不需要加介词,如: Thunderous applause broke forth the moment the pop star appeared on the stage.

  3.【C】A is to B what C is to D是固定结构,表示“A与B的'关系就像C与D的关系一样。”

  4.【D】contribute表示“有助于,促成”时,搭配是contribute to doing sth.

  5.【A】主谓一致。本句的主语是一个主语从句,即that our environment…behavior,所以应用单数;另外,本句只是表达一般陈述,故用一般现在时即可。


  1.This watch is _______ by hand, not by machine, so it is very expensive.





  2.These two horses look so much alike that we can not _______ one from the other.





  3.The president of that company was very calm during the political _______.





  4._______ is usually the chief enemy of the camera lens.





  5.The _______ left the ship after sixty hours of hard struggle.





  6.On our way to Beijing, we visited Xi’an, a city of two million _______, and stayed there for two days.

  A. insects




  7.One of the main reasons for air pollution is that many cars _______ smoke into the atmosphere.





  8.Don’t forget to _______ to let us know you arrived safely.





  9.She gave him a _______ that she could not come to his party.





  10.When the temperature is below zero, water will _______.






  1.D 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.C

  6.C 7.C 8.A 9.D 10.A


  disable v.使丧失能力


  [变]disabled a.残疾的

  [反]enable v.使能够(写作中替代make!)


  [搭]be able to 能够做某事 enable sb. to do 使某人能做某事 the disabled 残疾人

  [例]Depicted in the illustration are two disabled men collaborating with each other.图中表述的是两个残疾人彼此合作。

  disappear vi.消失;失踪 vt.使消失


  [例]Many creatures that once had dominated our planet disappeared without traces.很多一度称霸我们星球的生物现在已经消失得无影无踪了。

  disappoint v.使失望


  [变]disappointed a.失望的 disappointment n.失望

  [例]Vicky expected her boyfriend to propose at dinner, but he disappointed her by eating allthe time.薇琪期待她男朋友在晚餐时向她求婚,但是他只是一直吃,让她特别失望。

  charge v.收赞;控告;充电 vi.冲 n.费用;控告;掌管;电荷



  [搭]in charge of 掌管 in the charge of 被……掌管 in sb.'s charge 由某人掌管 charge...for sth.某东西被收了……钱 charge into/up 冲进去/上去 charge sb. with 为某事控告某人(with表示有,有一个过失,被控告)

  [变]charget n.充电器 rechargeable a.可充电的(re-表示“一再地”,-able可以被)

  [近]appeal for 起诉 accuse of 起诉

  [例]The retailer was charged with overcharging the customers.那个零售商被控要价过高。

  cischarge vt./n.放电;排放;释放



  [例]The immoral chemical plant on the riverside discharges toxic water into the river every day.江边一家黑心的化工厂每天都把有毒的废水排到河里。


  piss off 滚!

   dont know what you are talking about 不知道你在说什么

   dont know what you were saying. 不知道你说了点什么

   dont get it 不明白

   get it? 明白了吗?

   got it! 明白了!

   dont bother 别去麻烦!

   you know what Im saying? 明白我说的吗?

   mad dog 疯狗。一般指人

   are you mad? 你生气拉?

   im mad 我生气拉!

   im pretty mad at you 你真让我生气!

   mad at= angry with

   balls 蛋 ,是人身上的那个

   pain in the ass 着急

   pain in the ass about sth STH让我很急

   Im scared 我怕拉

   you are scared 你怕拉

   back off 让开!

   right on = right 对!

   exactly 非常对!正是!

   gotcha! = got you 抓住你拉!难住你拉!

   I read your mind 我就知道你要说什么

   I knew it 我料到拉!我就知道!

   gotta go 我得走拉!

   you know what? 你知道吗?(you know what? he killed her!) 你知道吗?他杀了她!

   guess what 猜怎么了?

   tell you what 。。。 我给你说啊......

   its not working! 不管用呀!

   that works 那样可以

   I rule! 有点象im cool 我牛! 你牛是(you are cool)

   kind of (kinda) sort of (sorta) 有点儿!

   get me wrong 你冤枉了我!

   who knows , god knows 谁知道呢!

   did I make myself clear? 我是否使你明白拉?

   did I make myself crystal clear? 比上边的`口气重

   get on it! 去做。。。把

   Im just playing!=just kidding 开玩笑的

   no offence(no offense) 别生气 ,(用于事先紧告)

   juses 天呀!


  1.The issue is how to of radioactive waste.

  A.deal B.dispose C.disposal D.do


  [辨析及搭配]A.deal(with)处理;应付;做生意。例句:I have dealt with this company for more than a decade.我已经与这家公司做了十多年的生意。B. dispose(of)处理;处置;除掉;去掉。例句:Man proposes,God disposes.谋事在人,成事在天。Dispose of these old newspapers!把这些旧报纸处理掉。C.disposaln.处理;处置。D.do处理;整顿;解决(问题)。

  2.The trend of brain drain does the developing countries degrees of harm.

  A.diver B.diversify C.diverse D.diversity


  [辨析及搭配]A.diver n.潜水员。B.diversify v.使多样化。C.diverse adj.不同的。D.diversity n.多样性。此处只能用形容词diverse修饰名词。

  3.Whether he could obtain his diploma or not greatly him.

  A.disturbed B.distinguished C.distresses D.disputes


  [辨析及搭配]A.disturb 扰乱;打扰。B.distinguish(between;from)区分;辨别。C.distress使悲痛;使忧伤。D.dispute 争论;辩论;争执。

  4.All had to stay in the open space,esp.at night, for the of the warning of an earthquake.

  A.donation B.domination C.destination D.duration


  [辨析及搭配]A.donation 捐赠品;捐款。B. domination统治;控制;支配。C.destination 目的地。D.duration期间;持续时间。

  5.The free market is with purchasers and merchants.

  A.deliberate B.dense C.dependent D.desirable


  [辨析及搭配]A.deliberate蓄意的;审慎的`。B. dense(with)密集的;浓厚的;繁忙的。C.dependent依靠的;依赖的;以……而定。D.desirable值得要的;合心意的;悦人心意的。

  6.Mr.Smith is used to reading his favorite academic over coffee.

  A.digital B.digest C.digestion D.indigestion


  [辨析及搭配]首先排除A.digital adj.数字的;数码的。后面三个是同根词:B.digest v.消化,领悟。n.文摘,摘要。C.digestion n.消化,领悟。D.indigestionn.消化不良。

  7.Failure is the mother of success,sothat hers hasn’t her,but encouraged her to redouble her exertions instead.

  A.discharged B.discounted

  C.discarded D.discouraged


  [辨析及搭配]A.discharge v.允许……离开;排(放)出。B.discount vt.打断;漠视;认为……不值得考虑。C.discard vt.&vi.抛弃;放弃。D.discouragev.使泄气;沮丧;阻拦。

  8.The chemistry teacher dipped his finger into the mixture and took it out of it.

  A.indirectly B.directly C.dimly D.diplomatically


  [辨析及搭配]A.indirectly 间接地;拐弯抹角地。 B.directly 立即;很快;直接地。C.dimly 微暗地;朦胧地。D.diplomatically 外交上;外交地。

  9.Any in a watch is very delicate.

  A.device B.devise C.deviancy D.deviation


  [辨析及搭配]首先排除动词B.devise v.设计;发明。A.device n.装置;设备;方法;计划。C.de- viancy n.反常;背离。D.deviation n.背离;越轨;偏差。

  10.His disasters were to what he had done wrong.

  A.despite B.in spite of C.down D.due


  [辨析及搭配]根据句中的to,可否定A和B。 A.despite不管;尽管;不论。直接带短语,例句:Despite the pouring rain,he went to his post as usual.尽管大雨倾盆,他照常去上班。B.in spite of与A同义。In spite of the pouring rain,he went to his post as usual.C. down往下;沿着。D.due to因为;由于……而起。例句: Due to his illness he was lying in bed.因为生病,他躺在床上。

  11.No one can any citizen’s legal right.

  A.be done with B.draw on C.derive from D.deprive of


  [辨析及搭配]A.be done with了结了;完成了。 B.draw on戴(穿)上;吸收;引诱。例句:The jailer drew the prisoner on to tell his story.看守诱导囚犯把事情说出来。C.derive from得来(自);由……获得。例句: Anyone can derive a lot of pleasure from making friends.任何人都能从结交朋友中获得许多乐趣。D.deprive of剥夺;夺去。

  12.The gifted engineer a model of the atomic generator.

  A.dragged B.drafted C.drifted D.dratted


  [辨析及搭配]A.drag拖;拉。B.draft起草;草拟。draft a plan of study草拟一份研究计划C.drift漂流;飘荡。D.drat(=damn)例句:Drat it!I forgot my key!见鬼(该死)!我忘了钥匙!

  13.Mr.Black was in the ,standing there dumbfounded,not knowing what to do.

  A.dark B.dusk C.dawn D.dam



  horror n. 恐怖

  horrible a. 可怕的

  Internet n. 国际互联网,因特网

  interpret v. 翻译,解释

  interpretation n. 解释,说明

  jungle n. 丛林,密林

  knot n. 结 vt. 把...打成结

  leak v. 漏,渗出

  lean vi. 倾斜,倚,靠

  leap vi. 跳跃

  modify vt. 修改

  nylon n. 尼龙

  onion n. 洋葱

  powder n. 粉末

  applicable a. 可应用的,适当的

  applicant n. 申请人

  breadth n. 宽度

  conservation n. 保存,保护

  conservative a. 保守的

  parallel n. 平行线;可相比拟的事物

  passion n. 激情,热情

  passive a. 被动的,消极的

  pat v./n. 轻拍,轻打

  peak n. 山峰,顶点

  phenomenon n. 现象

  reluctant a. 不情愿的,勉强的

  rely vi. (on ,upon)依赖,指望

  relevant a. 有关的,切题的

  reliable a. 可靠的

  relief n. 轻松,宽慰;减轻

  reputation n. 名气,声誉

  rescue vt./n. 营救

  triangle n. 三角(形)

  sequence n. 连续;顺序

  shallow a. 浅的

  shiver vi/n. 发抖

  shrug v./n. 耸肩

  signature n. 签名

  sincere a. 诚挚的,真诚的

  utilify n. 功用,效用

  utilise vt. 利用

  utter vt. 说出 a. 完全的,彻底的.

  variation n. 变化,变动

  vehicle n. 交通工具,车辆

  applause n. 鼓掌,掌声

  appliance n. 器具,器械

  consent n. 准许,同意 vi (to)准许,同意

  conquer vt. 征服

  defect n. 缺点,缺陷

  delicate a. 易碎的;娇弱的;精美的

  evolve v.演变

  evolution n. 演变,进化

  frown v./n. 皱眉

  frustrate vt. 使沮丧

  guarantee vt./n. 保证

  guilty a. 内疚的;有罪的

  jealous a. 妒忌的

  jeans n. 牛仔裤

  liquor n. 酒,烈性酒

  liter/litre n. 升

  modest a. 谦虚道

  molecule n. 分子

  orbit n. 轨道 v. (绕...)作轨道运行

  participate v. (in)参与,参加

  particle n. 微粒

  particularly ad. 特别,尤其

  respond vi. 回答,答复;反应

  response n. 回答,答复;反应

  sensible a. 明智的

  sensitive a. 敏感到,灵敏的

  tremble vi. 颤抖

  tremendous a. 巨大的;精彩的

  trend n. 趋向,倾向

  trial n. 审讯;试验

  apparent a. 显然的,明白的

  appetite n. 胃口;欲望

  deposit n. 存款,定金 v.存放,储蓄

  deputy n. 副职,代表

  derive vt. 取得,得到;(from)起源于

  descend v. 下来,下降

  missile n. 导弹

  mission n. 使命;代表团

  mist n.薄雾

  noticeable a. 显而易见到


  shelf 书架

  reference room 资料室

  study lounge 自习室

  latest issue 最新一期

  overdue 超/过期


  periodical room期刊阅览室




  copier 复印机

  subject 题目/科目

  catalogue 书目

  sophomore 大二学生

  full-time student全日制学生

  postgraduate/graduate 研究生

  master’s degree硕士学位

  junior 大三学生

  post doctorate 博士后

  doctor’s degree博士学位 学生及学位

  freshman 大一学生

  senior 大四学生

  undergraduate 本科生

  bachelor’s degree学士学位

  semester 学期(美国英语)

  biology 生物学

  pick up 学习、选择


  registration 注册

  curriculum 课程

  course 课程

  class permit听课证

  compulsory course 必修课

  optional course 选修课

  literature class 文学课

  credit 学分

  professor 教授


  register 注册

  lecturer 讲师

  stay awake保持清醒

  science 理科

  complicated 复杂

  extra copies 多余的篇子

  arts 文科

  informative 信息量大


  mission 任务,使命

  faculty 全体教职员工

  nervous 紧张的

  contest 比赛

  calm 平静的

  contestant 参赛选手

  a large audience 一大群观众

  talk of the town 镇上谈论的.焦点

  shaking all over 浑身发抖

  not a big deal 不是什么大不了的事情

  beyond me 超出我的理解范围

  reading assignment 阅读任务

  selectively 有选择地

  chapter by chapter 一章一章地

  theory 理论

  read through 从头到尾地读

  plot 情节

  cover a few chapters 涉及了几个章节

  intensively 精细地

  character 人物角色


  typing errors 打字错误

  revise 修订

  diploma 毕业证书、文凭

  quality paper 好纸

  get it published 出版

  thesis 毕业论文

  proofread 校对

  paragraph 段落

  quiz 小测

  final exam 期末考试

  fail 不及格,失败

  make up 补考

  mid-term 期中考试

  results (pl) 分数

  stay up 熬夜


  two sleepless nights 两天两夜没睡觉

  be through with 结束,完成


  in season 正合时令

  wrap up 包装

  price tag价格标签

  customer service客服

  by installment 分期付款

  convenience store 便利店

  shopping list 购物单

  family wear家庭装

  department store百货商店

  sell out售完 on sale 出售

  in stock 有货 grocery 杂货店

  closing time 停业时间 counter 柜台

  complaint投诉 luxurious items奢侈品

  brand 品牌 discount折扣

  sports goods体育用品

  dessert 甜点

  contain 含有


  1.As a commander, you should not _______ the soldiers to unnecessary danger.





  2.This newspaper often _______ the government’s opinion, not the public opinion





  3.Although in great danger, the wounded still did not want to _______ from the front.





  4.This movie has a _______ ending. You can not imagine who will be killed finally.





  5.During the graduation _______, the president gave a wonderful opening speech.





  6.The dog _______ the rabbit but could not catch it.





  7.If your letter is over weight, you must pay for the _______.





  8.In the class the teacher asked the students to _______ their bad habits.





  9.When you study in the United States, usually you have to buy your own health _______.





  10.Chocolate and ice-cream have different _______.





  11.Even though he knew that I should study, he still ______ me to go to the movies.





  12.We _______ that it will take another four months to finish this plan.





  13.He read the paper several times but be still _______ some printer’s errors.





  14.She often talks with a _______ appearance but in fact she is always telling lies.





  15.If the students can not support themselves during their study in university, they may ask for a student _______ from the government.










  knowledge /information /learning

  knowledge“知识”,一般是指正确而且系统的知识,它可指个人的知识,也可指全人类所积累的知识。它前面常用表示“获得”的.动词,如acquire,obtain,get等。但它不与study或learn连用。常用词组to sb?’s knowledge表“据某人所知”; information“知识”,指个人从他人、书本、观察、实际中所得来的真实的或想象的知识或信息,常指零碎的知识,亦有“资料,情报”之意;learning“知识,学问”,指通过刻苦钻研后获得的反映客观事物的系统知识。它还表“学习”。

  e.g.book knowledge 书本知识

  acquire knowledge 求得知识

  accumulate a great amount of information 积累大量的资料

  firsthand information 第一手资料

  officialinformation 官方消息

  a man of learning 有学问的人,学者

  典型考题:To my ,Tom has been there severaltimes.

  A.knowledge B.view C.information D.learning



  1、论语 Analects of Confucius

  2、发明纸和瓷器 invented paper and porcelain

  3、发明火药 invention of gunpowder

  4、发明印刷术 block printing was invented

  5、科举制 Imperial Examination for recruiting civil servants

  6、丝绸之路 Silk Route

  7、京剧 Peking opera

  8、昆曲 Kunqu opera

  9、中国画 traditional Chinese painting

  10、人物画 portrait

  11、秦腔 Qin opera


  13、太极Tai Chi

  14、口 技 ventriloquism

  15、木偶戏puppet show

  16、皮影戏 shadow play

  17、折子戏 opera highlights

  18、杂技 acrobatics

  19、相声 witty dialogue comedy

  20、刺绣 embroidery

  21、苏绣 Suzhou embroidery

  22、泥人 clay figure

  23、书法 calligraphy

  24、中国画 traditional Chinese painting

  25、水墨画 Chinese brush painting

  26、中国结 Chinese knot

  27、山水 landscape painting

  28、花鸟 flower and bird

  29、草虫 grass and insect

  30、泼墨 paint-splashing style

  31、写意 impressionistic style

  32、工笔 elaborate style

  33、毛笔 writing brush

  34、书法 calligraphic art

  35、书法家 calligraphic artist

  36、楷体 formal script/regular script

  37、行书 running script

  38、宋体 Song-dynasty script

  39、工艺品 handwork/handicrafts

  40、手工艺品 articles of handcraft art

  41、文物 cultural relics/antiques

  42、国宝 national treasure

  43、人民大会堂 Great Hall of the People

  44、故宫博物馆 Imperial Palace Museum