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  1. Move on:/go on/continue/keep on


  2. Nothing but:只有

  3. Anything but:绝不

  4. Now that:既然

  5. On earth:究竟

  6. On purposes :有意,故意

  7. Out of the world:/wonderful/amazing

  8. Pull in;进站,靠岸

  9. Pull through:痊愈,恢复健康

  10. Put off/delay/

  11. Put through:接通电话

  12. Reach the bottom of the barrel: use up/run out of

  13. Resign one’s post:/quit;辞职

  14. Ring a bell:听起来很熟

  15. Run off/copy

  16. Sign up for/join in/register

  17. Sneak up on sb.头头接近,靠近

  18. Take …for granted 相当然地认为

  19. Take one’s time 从容不迫

  20. Take one’s word:./believe in sb./trust sb.

  21. Above all 最重要的是

  most important of all Above all, they’ll have to discover how much nitrogen it possesses since nitrogen is4/5 of the air breathe.

  22. Account for 解释,说明

  How do you account for the truth?

  23. After all 终究,毕竟

  We won’t be laid off after all.(1998-1)

  24. Air /car crash 空难,车祸

  25. Allergic to 过敏

  I’m allergic to beef and mutton.

  26. Appeal to 吸引,呼吁。

  Could you tell me which position you think most appeals to you?

  27. Apply for/to, application letter 申请,求职信

  28. At ease 安逸,自由自在

  I don’t know why he is ill at ease?心神不宁



  前缀ex-是很重要的前缀,它来源于拉丁介词ex,意为out或out of,即表示“向外”、“分离”的.倾向。作为原生词缀与拉丁介词根结合时,ex-有两个异体e-和ef-。其中,ex-用在元音字母和c,h,p,q,s,t前面;ef-只出现在f之前;e-则可以出现在b,d,g,j,l,m,n,r,v等之前。值得注意的是,ex-又可以作为派生前缀,与表示身份或职业的名词相结合,表示former (以前的,前任的)的意思。这时ex-没有异体,而且往往要带连字符。



  expressly, elucidate, expedite


  elated, extol, elongate


  extinct, effete


  emend, effigy


  expurgate, exorbitant, extenuate


  extant, edict


  exalt, efficacious, exhort


  1.The issue is how to of radioactive waste.

  A.deal B.dispose C.disposal D.do


  [辨析及搭配]A.deal(with)处理;应付;做生意。例句:I have dealt with this company for more than a decade.我已经与这家公司做了十多年的生意。B. dispose(of)处理;处置;除掉;去掉。例句:Man proposes,God disposes.谋事在人,成事在天。Dispose of these old newspapers!把这些旧报纸处理掉。C.disposaln.处理;处置。D.do处理;整顿;解决(问题)。

  2.The trend of brain drain does the developing countries degrees of harm.

  A.diver B.diversify C.diverse D.diversity


  [辨析及搭配]A.diver n.潜水员。B.diversify v.使多样化。C.diverse adj.不同的。D.diversity n.多样性。此处只能用形容词diverse修饰名词。

  3.Whether he could obtain his diploma or not greatly him.

  A.disturbed B.distinguished C.distresses D.disputes


  [辨析及搭配]A.disturb 扰乱;打扰。B.distinguish(between;from)区分;辨别。C.distress使悲痛;使忧伤。D.dispute 争论;辩论;争执。

  4.All had to stay in the open space,esp.at night, for the of the warning of an earthquake.

  A.donation B.domination C.destination D.duration


  [辨析及搭配]A.donation 捐赠品;捐款。B. domination统治;控制;支配。C.destination 目的.地。D.duration期间;持续时间。

  5.The free market is with purchasers and merchants.

  A.deliberate B.dense C.dependent D.desirable


  [辨析及搭配]A.deliberate蓄意的;审慎的。B. dense(with)密集的;浓厚的;繁忙的。C.dependent依靠的;依赖的;以……而定。D.desirable值得要的;合心意的;悦人心意的。

  6.Mr.Smith is used to reading his favorite academic over coffee.

  A.digital B.digest C.digestion D.indigestion


  [辨析及搭配]首先排除A.digital adj.数字的;数码的。后面三个是同根词:B.digest v.消化,领悟。n.文摘,摘要。C.digestion n.消化,领悟。D.indigestionn.消化不良。

  7.Failure is the mother of success,sothat hers hasn’t her,but encouraged her to redouble her exertions instead.

  A.discharged B.discounted

  C.discarded D.discouraged


  [辨析及搭配]A.discharge v.允许……离开;排(放)出。B.discount vt.打断;漠视;认为……不值得考虑。C.discard vt.&vi.抛弃;放弃。D.discouragev.使泄气;沮丧;阻拦。

  8.The chemistry teacher dipped his finger into the mixture and took it out of it.

  A.indirectly B.directly C.dimly D.diplomatically


  [辨析及搭配]A.indirectly 间接地;拐弯抹角地。 B.directly 立即;很快;直接地。C.dimly 微暗地;朦胧地。D.diplomatically 外交上;外交地。

  9.Any in a watch is very delicate.

  A.device B.devise C.deviancy D.deviation


  [辨析及搭配]首先排除动词B.devise v.设计;发明。A.device n.装置;设备;方法;计划。C.de- viancy n.反常;背离。D.deviation n.背离;越轨;偏差。

  10.His disasters were to what he had done wrong.

  A.despite B.in spite of C.down D.due


  [辨析及搭配]根据句中的to,可否定A和B。 A.despite不管;尽管;不论。直接带短语,例句:Despite the pouring rain,he went to his post as usual.尽管大雨倾盆,他照常去上班。B.in spite of与A同义。In spite of the pouring rain,he went to his post as usual.C. down往下;沿着。D.due to因为;由于……而起。例句: Due to his illness he was lying in bed.因为生病,他躺在床上。

  11.No one can any citizen’s legal right.

  A.be done with B.draw on C.derive from D.deprive of


  [辨析及搭配]A.be done with了结了;完成了。 B.draw on戴(穿)上;吸收;引诱。例句:The jailer drew the prisoner on to tell his story.看守诱导囚犯把事情说出来。C.derive from得来(自);由……获得。例句: Anyone can derive a lot of pleasure from making friends.任何人都能从结交朋友中获得许多乐趣。D.deprive of剥夺;夺去。

  12.The gifted engineer a model of the atomic generator.

  A.dragged B.drafted C.drifted D.dratted


  [辨析及搭配]A.drag拖;拉。B.draft起草;草拟。draft a plan of study草拟一份研究计划C.drift漂流;飘荡。D.drat(=damn)例句:Drat it!I forgot my key!见鬼(该死)!我忘了钥匙!

  13.Mr.Black was in the ,standing there dumbfounded,not knowing what to do.

  A.dark B.dusk C.dawn D.dam



  knowledge /information /learning

  knowledge“知识”,一般是指正确而且系统的知识,它可指个人的知识,也可指全人类所积累的知识。它前面常用表示“获得”的动词,如acquire,obtain,get等。但它不与study或learn连用。常用词组to sb?’s knowledge表“据某人所知”; information“知识”,指个人从他人、书本、观察、实际中所得来的真实的或想象的知识或信息,常指零碎的'知识,亦有“资料,情报”之意;learning“知识,学问”,指通过刻苦钻研后获得的反映客观事物的系统知识。它还表“学习”。

  e.g.book knowledge 书本知识

  acquire knowledge 求得知识

  accumulate a great amount of information 积累大量的资料

  firsthand information 第一手资料

  officialinformation 官方消息

  a man of learning 有学问的人,学者

  典型考题:To my ,Tom has been there severaltimes.

  A.knowledge B.view C.information D.learning



  外套,大衣 coat T恤 T-shirt 西装 suit

  运动服 sports wear 裙装 dress 短裙 skirt

  游泳衣 swimmingsuit 毛衣 sweater 内衣 underwear 裤子 pants/trousers 胸罩 bra

  长筒袜 stocking 短袜 socks 背心 vest 制服 uniform 衬衫 shirt 领带 tie 领结 bow-tie 睡衣 jammy

  clothes 衣服,服装 wardrobe 服装

  clothing 服装

  habit 个人依习惯.身份而着的服装

  ready-made clothes, ready-to-wear clothes 成衣 garments 外衣 town clothes 外衣

  double-breasted suit 双排扣外衣 suit 男外衣

  dress 女服

  tailored suit 女式西服 everyday clothes 便服 three-piece suit 三件套 trousseau 嫁妆

  layette 婴儿的全套服装 uniform 制服 overalls 工装裤

  rompers 连背心的.背带裤 formal dress 礼服

  tailcoat, morning coat 大礼服 evening dress 夜礼服

  dress coat, tails 燕尾服,礼服 nightshirt 男式晚礼服

  dinner jacket 无尾礼服 (美作:tuxedo) full dress uniform 礼服制服 frock coat 双排扣长礼服 gown, robe 礼袍 tunic 长袍 overcoat

  男式大衣 coat 女大衣 topcoat 夹大衣 fur coat 皮大衣

  three-quarter coat 中长大衣 dust coat 风衣 mantle, cloak 斗篷

  poncho 篷却(南美人的一种斗篷) sheepskin jacket 羊皮夹克 pelisse 皮上衣 jacket 短外衣夹克

  anorak, duffle coat 带兜帽的夹克,带风帽的粗呢大衣 hood 风帽

  scarf, muffler 围巾

  shawl 大披巾

  knitted shawl 头巾,编织的头巾

  fur stole 毛皮长围巾 muff 皮手筒

  housecoat, dressing gown 晨衣

  hort dressing gown 短晨衣 bathrobe 浴衣

  nightgown, nightdress 女睡衣 pyjamas 睡衣裤

  pocket 衣袋 lapel (上衣)翻领

  detachable collar 假领,活领 wing collar 硬翻领

  上浆翻领 V-neck V型领 sleeve 袖子 cuff 袖口

  buttonhole 钮扣孔 shirt 衬衫

  blouse 紧身女衫

  T-shirt 短袖圆领衫,体恤衫 vest 汗衫 (美作:undershirt) polo shirt 球衣

  middy blouse 水手衫 sweater 运动衫

  short-sleeved sweater 短袖运动衫

  roll-neck sweater 高翻领运动衫 round-neck sweater 圆领运动衫 suit, outfit, ensemble 套服 twinset 两件套,运动衫裤 jerkin 猎装

  kimono 和服 ulster 一种长而宽松的外套

  jellaba, djellaba, jelab 带风帽的外衣 cardigan 开襟毛衣

  mac, mackintosh, raincoat 橡胶雨衣 trousers 裤子 jeans 牛仔裤

  short trousers 短裤 knickers 儿童灯笼短裤 knickerbockers 灯笼裤

  plus fours 高尔夫球裤,半长裤 braces 裤子背带

  breeches 马裤 belt 裤带 skirt 裙子

  divided skirt, split skirt 裙裤 underskirt 内衣

  underwear, underclothes 内衣裤

  underpants, pants 内衣裤 (美作:shorts) briefs 短内裤,三角裤 panties 女短内裤

  knickers 女半短内裤,男用灯笼短裤 brassiere, bra 乳罩 corselet 紧身胸衣 stays, corset 束腰,胸衣 waistcoat 背心 slip, petticoat 衬裙 girdle 腰带

  stockings 长袜 suspenders 袜带

  suspender belt 吊袜腰带 socks 短袜

  tights, leotard 紧身衣裤 handkerchief 手帕 bathing trunks 游泳裤

  bathing costume, swimsuit, bathing suit 游泳衣 bikini 比基尼泳衣



  21. Until then, his family _D_ from him for six months.

  A didnt hear B hasnt been hearing C hasnt heard D hadnt heard

  until then直到那时。

  hear from sb.收到某人的来信,得到某人的`消息。

  22. The conference _B_ a full week by the time it ends.

  A must have lasted B will have lasted C would last D has lasted


  24. Physics is _B_ to the science which was called natural philosophy in history.

  A alike B equivalent C likely D uniform

  be alike to sb.对于某人来说均是一样的。

  be equivalent to相当于。

  All tastes are alike to him.所有味道对他来说都一样。

  27. The new appointment of our president _A_ from the very beginning of next semester.

  A takes effect B takes part C takes place D takes turns

  semester n.学期;president n.大学校长;take effect生效,发生效力;

  take part in参与,参加;take place=happen发生;takes turn to do sth.轮流做某事。

  28. The president made a _A_ speech at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, which encouraged the sportsmen greatly.

  A vigorous B tedious C flat D harsh



  odd a. 奇特的,古怪的;奇数的

  omit vt. 省略

  opponent n. 敌手,对手

  opportunity n. 机会,时机

  orchestra n. 管弦乐队

  semester n. 学期;半年

  semiconductor n. 半导体

  seminar n. 研讨会

  terminal a. 末端的,极限的 n. 终点

  territory n. 领土

  approximate a. 大概的,大约 v. 近似

  arbitrary a. 随意的,未断的

  architect n. 建筑师

  architecture n. 建筑学

  biology n. 生物学

  geography n. 地理(学)

  geology n. 地质学

  geometry n. 几何(学)

  arichmetic n. 算术

  algebra n. 代数

  entertainment n. 娱乐;招待,款待

  enthusiasm n. 热情,热心

  entry n. 进入,入口处;参赛的'人(或物)

  enviroment n. 环境

  episode n. 插曲,片段

  equation n. 方程(式)

  restrain vt. 阻止,抑制

  restraint n. 抑制,限制

  resume v. (中断后)重新开始

  severe a. 严重的

  sexual a. 性的

  simplicity n. 简单;朴素

  simplify vt. 简化

  sorrow n. 悲哀,悲痛

  stuff n. 原料,材料 vt. 填进,塞满

  temporary a. 暂时的,临时的

  temptation n. 诱惑,引诱

  terror n. 恐怖

  thrust v. 挤,推,插

  treaty n. 条约,协定

  arise vi. 产生,出现,发生;起身

  arouse vt. 引起,激起;唤醒

  burden n. 重担,负荷



  1. 题型特点


  2. 标志


  3. 关键词

  能帮助读者猜测词义的上下文线索通常有定义、重述、解释、举例、同义词或近义词、反义词或标点符号等等。如通常使用信号词,如 is,are,is(are) called,mean, refer to,known as 等来引导定义。

  4. 命题模式

  (1) The word “…”(in line…)most probably means 。

  (2) From the passage, we can infer that the word “…”is 。

  (3) From the first paragraph, we learn that。

  5. 做题关键







  6. 做题步骤

  (1) 返回原文,找出该词汇出现的地方;

  (2) 注意结合上下文理解该单词的含义;

  (3) 如果该词汇是简单词汇,则其字面意思必然不是正确答案;

  (4) 词汇题的正确答案经常蕴藏在原文该词汇出现的附近。特别注意不能靠单词词义直接往下过分推理;

  (5) 寻找时要注意特殊标点、定语从句、构词的前后缀等,特别要注意寻找时的同性原则。例如,冒号前的词汇的意思可以由冒号后的部分归纳,破折号之后词汇的意思可以由破折号之前的部分推测;




  1)大学学习类:application from申请表


  assessment (对学生的学习情况)评估course arrangement课程安排credit学分

  dean导师enrolment egister for注册oral examination口试graduate

  school研究生院letter of recommendation推荐信

  participation出勤postgraduate研究生president校长required coursecompulsory course必修课optional course选修课scoremark分数school of Arts and Sciences文理学院take an examinationsit an examination参加考试


  2)大学生活类cafeteria自助小餐厅call slip索书单campus校园club学生俱乐部current account现金帐户current issues本期刊物back issues过期刊物

  catalogue目录deposit money in a bank存钱dining hall食堂dormitory宿舍

  lecture hall阶梯教室library card借书卡overdue and pay a fine过期罚款

  renew (借书)续借shopping mallcentre购物中心society学生社团student union

  学生会withdrawdraw cash取钱


  1)交通规则类crash撞车amber light黄灯cross road十字路drive without license

  无证驾驶excessive speed超速green light绿灯traffic jam交通拥挤

  narrow road窄路red light红灯parking place停车场

  speed limit速度限制traffic light红绿灯traffic police交通警察traffic regulation交通规则

  zebra stripes斑马线

  2)旅游类词汇check-in登记入住check-out结帐离开(退房) holiday resort度假区

  one-way ticket单程机票place of sightseeing游览胜地

  room service客房服务round-trip ticket来回机票sightseeing tour观光旅游star-rated hotel星级饭店

  tour group旅游团队tour guide导游travel service旅行社vacation tour度假旅游tourist attraction旅游胜地

  3.社会热点类bid for the Olympic Games申办奥运会birth control计划生育

  brain drain人才外流bubble economy泡沫经济care forsenior citizens关心老年人comprehensive national power综合国力compulsory education义务教育computer crime电脑犯罪divorce离婚dropout student失学儿童

  economic globalizationeconomic integration经济全球化

  education for all-round development素质教育exam-oriented education应试教育

  intellectual property rights知识产权

  juvenile delinquency青少年犯罪

  knowledge-based economy知识经济laid-off worker下岗职工

  migrant worker民工net friend 网友net citizen 网民

  off line下线online love affair 网恋people orientedpeople foremost以人为本pioneering spirit首创精神 preserve the ecological environment保护生态环境prime time黄金时段puppy love早恋

  rate of unemployment失业率rural population乡村人口self-protection awareness自我保护意识

  self-service ticketing无人售票shopping online 网上购物

  single parent family单亲家庭surf the Internet 网上冲浪

  sustainable development可持续发展team spirit团队精神

  reduce study load学生减负

  university students’ innovative undertaking大学生创业

  virtual net虚拟网络win-winsituation双赢局面chain debts三角债assistant president总裁助理eliminate illiteracy扫盲excusive agency专卖店

  New Human Being新新人类online trading platfrom 网上交易平台

  cost of livingincome maintenance生活费用advance with times与时俱进

  A well-paid job待遇丰厚的工作


  1.表示空间顺序near to far from in the front of beside behind to the right to the left on the other side of

  2.表示时间顺序first after a few days eventually at that time

  in the meantime meanwhile afterward from then on

  3.表示举例for example

  to name a few , say , such as







  [记]音似“胎儿( ti-re)”。怀了胎儿,肯定很疲劳,对工作失去兴趣。


  [搭]be tired about 因为某事而疲惫(about表示“关于”)be tired of 厌烦某事(of表示”去掉”,厌烦一件事就想去掉它)

  [变]tired a.疲劳的;厌倦的(人被一件事弄累、弄烦了)tiresome a.使人厌倦的,讨厌的(some很多。很多烦人事,使人厌倦的)

  [例]I am tired of meeting new people and determine to spend all my life with you.我已经厌倦了去认识新人,只想一辈子和你在一起。







  [变]exhausting a.累人的 exhausted a.筋疲力尽的


  [例]If we keep wasting natural resources in the current speed, they will be exhausted sooner orlater.如果我们继续以这样的速度浪费自然资源的话,它们迟早会被消耗殆尽的'。



  [记]阿姨(r-e)累( tire)了,就退休(retire}了。

  [搭]retire from 从……退休,退役

  [变]retirement n.退休

  [例]The retirement is a huge transition in people's life; the earlier you psychologically preparefor it, the better.退休是人生中一个巨大的转变,你越早开始在心理上作准备就越好。




  [例]The entire life of Leslie Cheung is a legend, which is mixed by love, excellence, and regret.张国荣整个的一生是一个传奇,这个传奇是由爱、精彩和遗憾编织而成的。



  wage/ weid?/ vt.开展(运动)

  waggon/ ‘w?g?n/ n.四轮运货马车

  waken/ ‘weik?n/ vi.醒来 vt.弄醒

  wander/ ‘w?nd?/ vi.漫游;迷路;离题

  want/ w?nt/ n.需要;缺乏

  warmth/ w?:mθ/ n.暖和,温暖;热烈

  water/ ‘w?:t?/ n.水 vt.使湿,灌溉

  waterproof/ ‘w?:t?pru:f/ a.不透水的,防水的

  wave/ weiv/ n.波;波涛 vi.波动

  wax/ w?ks/ n.蜡,蜂蜡

  weaken/ ‘wi:k?n/ vt.削弱 vi.变弱

  weakness/ ‘wi:knis/ n.虚弱,软弱;弱点

  wear/ we?/ vt.磨损

  weave/ ‘wi:v/ vt.织,编 vi.纺织

  weed/ wi:d/ n.杂草,野草 vi.除草

  weep/ wi:p/ vi.哭泣,流泪

  weld/ weld/ vt.&n.焊接,熔接

  welfare/ ‘welfe?/ n.幸福,福利

  wheat/ wi:t/ n.小麦

  wheel/ wi:l/ n.轮,车轮

  whilst/ ‘wailst/ conj.&n.当…的时候

  whip/ wip/ vt.鞭笞;搅打 n.鞭子

  whisper/ ‘wisp?/ vt.低声地讲 vi.低语

  whistle/ ‘wisl/ n.口哨 vi.吹口哨

  wholly/ ‘h?uli/ ad.完全地,全部

  wicked/ ‘wikid/ a.坏的;令人厌恶的

  widen/ ‘waidn/ vt.加宽 vi.变宽

  widow/ ‘wid?u/ n.寡妇

  width/ widθ/ n.宽阔,广阔;宽度

  willing/ ‘wili?/ a.愿意的,心甘情愿的

  wind/ waind/ vt.绕,缠绕 vi.卷曲

  wing/ wi?/ n.翼,翅膀,翅

  wire/ ‘wai?/ n.金属线;电缆;电信

  wit/ wit/ n.智力,才智,智能

  withdraw/ wie’dr?:/ vt.收回;撤回vi.撤退

  withstand/ wie’st?nd/ vt.抵挡,反抗

  witness/ ‘witnis/ n.证据;证人 vt.目击

  wooden/ ‘wudn/ a.木制的;呆板的

  wool/ wul/ n.羊毛;毛线,绒线

  workman/ ‘w?:km?n/ n.工人,劳动者,工匠

  workshop/ ‘w?:k??p/ n.车间,工场;创作室

  world-wide/ ‘w?:ldwaid/ a.遍及全球的

  worm/ w?:m/ n.虫,蠕虫

  worship/ ‘w?:?ip/ n.礼拜;崇拜 vt.崇拜

  worst/ w?:st/ a.最坏的 ad.最坏地

  worth/ w?:θ/ a.值…的 n.价值

  worthless/ ‘w?:θlis/ a.无价值的,无用的.

  worthwhile/ ‘w?:θ’wail/ a.值得花时间的

  worthy/ ‘w?:ei/ a.有价值的;值得的

  wound/ wu:nd/ n.创伤,伤 vt.使受伤

  wrap/ r?p/ vt.裹,包,捆 n.披肩

  wreck/ rek/ n.失事;残骸 vt.破坏

  wrist/ rist/ n.腕,腕关节


  彩塑 painted sculpture

  画塑 dough figurine

  壁画 mural

  国画 Chinese traditional painting

  水墨画 ink and wash painting

  绢画 silk painting

  木刻画 wood engraving

  版画 engraving

  贝雕画 shell carving painting

  泥人儿 clay figure

  珍珠 pearl

  翡翠 green jade

  琥珀 amber

  玉 jade

  玛瑙 agate

  珊瑚 coral

  绢扇 silk fan

  檀香扇 sandal wood fan

  折扇 folding fan

  冰雕 ice carving

  石雕 stone carving

  玉雕 jade carving

  木雕 wood carving

  根雕 tree root carving

  骨雕 bones carving

  贝雕 shell carving

  瓷器雕 porcelain carving

  象牙雕 ivory carving


  surgeon n 外科医生

  【派】surgery n 外科、外科手术

  physician n 内科医生

  pregnancy n 怀孕、怀孕期

  【派】pregnant a 怀孕的

  remedy n 治疗法、补救办法

  bacteria n 细菌

  stress n 压力

  【派】stressful a 有压力的

  absent-minded n 心不在焉的


  bandage n 绷带

  stroke n 中风

  pharmacy n 药房、药店、药剂学、配药

  capsule n 胶囊、航天舱、密封舱

  【例】a space capsule 太空舱

  pill n 药片

  【例】take pills 服药

  tablet n 药片

  scar n 伤疤、创伤 v 留下伤痕

  disable vt 使无能力 ; 使残废

  transplant vt 移植


  【记】trans ( 转移 ) +plant ( 种植 ) = 移植

  【派】transplantation n 移植

  prescribe v 开处方

  【派】prescription n 处方

  diagnose vt 诊断、判断

  【派】diagnosis n 诊断

  soothe vt 安慰、使平静、减轻、缓和

  【例】This medicine should smooth your sore throat


  alleviate vt 减轻、缓和、缓解

  【例】alleviate pain 缓解疼痛

  expire vi 断气、 ( 期限 ) 终止

  【例】My driving licence expires next month



  chronic a 慢性的

  【考】chronic diseases 慢性疾病

  dizzy a 头晕目眩的

  resistant a 有抵抗力的、抵抗的

  【派】resistance n 抵抗、阻力

  immune a 免疫的,不受影响的

  【派】be immune to 免于,不受影响的

  be immune from 免除的

  disorder n 混乱、失调

  【例】economic disorder 经济


  【记】dis ( 否定前缀 ) + order ( 秩序 )

  discomfort n 不适

  syndrome n 综合症

  【考】AIDS 艾滋病

  ( Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome )

  handicap n 缺陷、障碍

  【派】handicapped a 有缺陷的

  【派】disabled a 伤残的

  strain n 拉紧、过劳、扭伤 vt 拉伤、使紧张 vi 尽力

  【派】restrained vt 抑制, 遏制 ; 管制。

  negative a 负面的,消极的

  panic n 恐慌, 慌乱 vi 使恐慌, 使惊慌失措

  【例】The crowd paniced at the sound of the explosion

  爆炸声一响, 人群便惊慌起来

  jealous a 嫉妒的,猜忌的


  【考】be jealous of sth 对…嫉妒

  upset vt 使心烦意乱 ; a 心烦的,苦恼的 ; n 不安

  【考】sth upset sb 某事使某人心烦意乱

  sb be upset about sth 某人对某事苦恼

  【派】upsetting a 令人心烦意乱的

  sympathetic a 同情的,体谅的

  【考】be sympathetic to/with 同情

  【派】sympathize v 体谅 ; sympathy n 同情

  concern n 关切的事 ; 关心 ; 关系

  【例】be concerned about/with/to 对…很关心

  hatred n 憎恶, 憎恨

  affection n 喜爱, 感情, 爱慕之情

  【派】affectionate a 爱的, 挚爱的


  passion n 激情, 热情, 酷爱

  【派】passionate a 激情的'

  preference n 喜爱, 偏爱, 优先 ( 权 )

  【派】prefer vt 倾向于

  stress n 压力, 紧张

  【派】stressful a 紧张的

  gratitude n 感激,感谢

  【派】grateful a 感激的

  overcome vt 战胜, 克服

  【例】overcome difficulties 克服困难

  annoy vt 使烦恼, 使恼怒

  【派】annoying a 令人恼人的 ; annoyance n 烦恼 ;

  annoyed a 颇为生气的


  despair vi 绝望 ; n 绝望

  【考】despair of 绝望 ; sb be in despair 某人处于绝望中

  frustrate vt 使沮丧, 使灰心

  【派】frustration n 挫折 ; frustrating a 令人沮丧的

  embarrass vt 使窘迫, 使尴尬

  【派】embarrassed a ( 某人 ) 尴尬的 ;

  embarrassment n 沮丧 ; embarrassing a ( 某事 ) 令人尴尬的

  envy vt 嫉妒,羡慕 n 羡慕, 嫉妒

  neglect vt 忽视, 忽略 n 疏忽, 忽视


  Nowadays, adv. 现今,当今,时下

  Consequently, adv. 结果是

  As a result, adv. 因此...

  As for me, / In my opinion, / As far as I am concerned, / From my point of view, 在我看来

  Firstly, Secondly, Moreover / Furthermore, Finally,


  On one hand, On the other hand,

  一方面 。另一方面 。

  As a saying / proverb goes, 正如名人名言 / 正如谚语说:.

  According to, 根据

  In conclusion, 总而言之

  For instance / example, 举例


  popular adj. 流行的,受欢迎的

  excessive adj. 过多的,极度的

  renowned adj. 著名的 = well-known=famous

  impressive adj. 令人印象深刻的

  harmful adj. 有害的'

  beneficial adj. 有益的

  positive adj. 积极的

  negative adj. 消极的

  convenient adj. 方便的

  convenient and efficient 既方便又高效


  1. in order to


  He worked very hard in order to realize his dream。

  2. in order that


  She worked hard in order that everything would be ready by 6 oclock.

  3. sothat


  They were all so tired that they could do nothing but yawn.

  4. suchthat


  It was such a cold day that there was nobody on the street.

  5. would rather dothan do


  He would rather listen to others than talk himself.

  6. prefer doing to doing


  He prefers making speeches after careful preparation.

  7. prefer to dorather than do


  Compared with women, men always prefer to sleep at home rather than spend so much time shopping.

  8. not onlybut also


  In just three years, she had not only finished all the lessons, but also received her doctors degree.

  9. eitheror


  You could either buy an MP3 or go to Yunnan for a visit if you pass the exam.

  10. Neithernor


  He is a boring man. He likes neither entertainment nor reading.


  1.认为,主张argue, maintain, hold, believe

  2.考虑take…sth. into consideration, consider, ponder, meditate, contemplate, think over, reflect on/ upon, meditate on the matter(思考这问题), ponder over

  3.下结论,断定e into conclusion, arrive at the conclusion, draw the conclusion, conclude, decide, assert(宣称)

  4.获得acquire, obtain, attain, reap

  5.赢得,取得earn, gain, procure

  6.支持,赞成approve of, in favor of, uphold, stand by one's side, agree with, give one's assent

  7.提倡advocate, remend

  8.反对opposite, object to


  10.意义深远的,重大的far-reaching, profound, significant, eventful(变故多的,重要的)

  11.重要的,有决定性的vital, crucial, critical, decisive

  12.充分运用optimize, make best use of, make full use of,

  13.使用employ, utilize(vt.)


  15.后来,然后afterwards, later on, later, after all

  16.高兴的,心情好的be in a good mood, happy, cheerful, joyful, joyous, pleased, delighted

  17.当前,目前nowadays, at present, currently, presently

  18.表达voice, convey, express, deliver, municate

  19.描绘,描述,描写depict, describe, picture

  20.勤奋的,勤勉的'diligent, studious(慎重的), industrious, assiduous

  21.认真的,谨慎的conscientious, cautious

  22.冷静的,清醒的sober, reasonable, sensible, rational



  25.适应be adapted to,be accustomed to,be adjusted to

  26.阻碍,阻止hinder(后面的), curb(路边), hamper, restrain, prevent, ward off, avoid


  28.坏处,缺点disadvantage, defect, flaw, drawback, deficiency

  29.参加participate in, attend, take part in, go in for, engage in

  30.集中精力于focus on, center on, concentrate on

  31.专心于set one's mind on

  32.抽出时间做set aside, put aside, spare

  33.依赖,依靠rely on, lean on

  34.沮丧的,失意的frustrated, discouraged, depressed, down-hearted, disheartened, low-spirited

  35.努力做,尽力做attempt to, make efforts to, endeavor(尽力) to, manage to do

  36.进步,成就,成绩advancement, achievement, acplishment, feat, fulfillment, progress (v)

  37.志气,抱负,渴望aspiration, ambition, yearning, thirst, long for, aspire after/ aspire to sth./ aspire to do sth.

  38.禁止ban, disallow(不接受), prohibit, forbid, ban sth./ ban sb. from doing

  39.除……之外apart from, in addition to, along with

  40.开展,实施,做practice, carry on, conduct, perform, implement (bring into effect, put in practice.)